My Kids Eat What I Eat #3

It’s time again for the Munchkin Meals Linkup with Brittany over at A Healthy Slice of Life.

As you know by now, my kids eat the same things my husband and I eat. This doesn’t mean that everything goes over well with them, but it does mean that we don’t cook them food separate from what we eat and I may arrange theirs differently on the plate.

They typically like their foods separate, so while I may serve our dinner like this:

ground beef dinner with green beans and quinoa
Ground beef cooked with wine and mushrooms, green beans with olive oil and salt, quinoa

I’ll put their foods side-by-side instead of piled up like that.

I’ll skip the pictures of what we ate for dinner this month and instead show you what my kids have been eating for snack and lunch lately, including things that didn’t go over well.

First, some favorites.

Kale salad is always a win.

Kale salad with chicken and strawberries for lunch
Kale salad and grapes for snack
Licking the bowl of kale salad clean. No I did not put him up to this, he really loves it that much.

Avocado is also still a favorite around here.

healthy lunch of avocado, sesame sticks, raspberries and turkey
Salted avocado, sesame sticks, raspberries and turkey for lunch

You’ll notice that I like to serve them a bunch of little things for lunch and snacks, that way there’s variety and always a couple of things they like.

Reece eating healthy kids' snack
Getting creative with snack time–sticking a dried cherry into a raspberry. Sesame sticks, grape tomatoes and a plantain chip complete the snack.

And now for a couple of things we’re going to have to offer a few (or many) more times before they enjoy them.


Going in for the cheese…which she didn’t actually like

Ants on a log

Raisins were a win, the banana and peanut butter got left behind.

The important thing is that they both tried those things even though they didn’t end up liking them. I’ll be sure to offer them many more times and hopefully they’ll end up in the same category as avocado–something they didn’t used to like and is now one of their favorites.

What are your kids’ favorite healthy snacks?

What food did your kids take awhile to warm up to?

What is a food you didn’t like as a kid but now enjoy as an adult? Mushrooms for me.

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  • Great post and ideas! I put kale into my daughters eggs and quesadillas. Her fav healthy snack is undoubtedly edamame. She tries to eat them out of the pods but it doesn’t always work (she’s barely 18 months). she eats the shelled edamame by the handful.

  • My son used to love kale by itself or in salad but is now not such a big fan. However, we buy kale chips from time to time that he LOVES! They have coconut and carrots in them so they’re a little sweeter but still super healthy. Otherwise I hide it in his food 🙂

    • That’s great that there’s still a way he’ll eat it, though. The only thing I make with kale is kale salad and it’s so good, I want to lick the bowl too!

  • My kids are grown now and it is funny how there taste buds have changed! Fruit was always the easiest and well veggies the hardest! Cute pics! I think it is super important to get the ids to try as many things when they are young !

  • Your kids eat so well! My son has been so picky ever since we started him on baby food. He loves almost all fruit even blueberries and the tops of broccoli. He is warming up to carrots. I know, most kids love baby carrots, but he was never a fan no matter how I prepared them;)

  • I wish my son loved salad that much! He still refuses leafy greens – the only way he’ll eat them is in a smoothie or lasagna.

    Beets are also a tough sell in my home. I keep trying to offer them, but one year later, we still have little success.

    • Salad is one of the foods that took a long time for my son to eat. It’s actually only been fairly recently that he has started to like it. Kale salad is his favorite, though.

  • Great ideas – thanks for the tips! My daughter is 16 months and I feel my entire day sometimes is planned around what healthy things she’ll eat 🙂 Lunch today was frittata with sundried tomato and cheese (I just bake them in muffin tins). She didn’t dig eggs until a few months ago, though. I sneak beets into a banana bread recipe I have and that’s the only way I can get her to eat them! She loves to eat off my husband’s plate, but not mine 🙂 He must have better treats 🙂

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