My Kids Eat What I Eat

This is what we ate for dinner:

Artichoke chicken zucchini olives
Chicken with artichokes, zucchini and olives over rice

This is my 3-year-old’s portion:

Reece's Dinner


And this is my 9-month-old’s meal:

my kids eat what I eat

Since they first started eating, my kids eat what we eat. Theirs may have been cooked softer or without salt, but they have the same meal as us. We also do baby led weaning, so they’ve always eaten with us, at their own pace.

There are some exceptions to this, like if we’re eating a veggie that’s not appropriate for the baby (like lettuce), I’ll warm some frozen peas for her. I try to present the meal to my 3-year-old in a way he prefers, like by putting the rice separate or making a sandwich to his specifications (meat and cheese only, so he gets baby carrots on the side instead of the lettuce and tomato I put on mine).

Many times, he doesn’t like what we’re having for dinner and he’ll ask me what else there is. Once he realizes there is nothing else, he’ll usually eat at least a little bit and then guzzle his milk to fill up. I also continue to put foods on his plate that he’s previously rejected. There are so many foods he now eats that he didn’t used to because he’s had continued opportunities to try it.

Even though there are things he still doesn’t like and he’ll choose a bean burrito over a kale salad (although he does enjoy the latter), he’s a pretty good eater for his age and I feel like we’re on the right track raising a healthy eater.

Edited to Add: I linked this up with Munchkin Meals over at A Healthy Slice of Life! 🙂

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  • It really is great that your kids eat what you eat! So many people just give up or give in to “kid food”.

    • Not giving up is so important! It can be frustrating sometimes when my toddler won’t try something at all. But usually after she’s seen something several times, she’ll eventually give it a try. I put asparagus on her plate for months before she tried any and then one day she ate three pieces!

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