Packing a Lunch for My Preschooler

I’m excited to be linking up for Brittany’s Munchkin Meals this month because I have something new to talk about other than the usual food my kids eat–this is the first month of packing a lunch for my preschooler. I think she also just started this packing-a-lunch fun too, so I’m looking forward to reading her post this morning.

Reece attends preschool twice a week and in February we extended his time there to full days instead of half days, meaning a lunch is needed. I was looking forward to packing him healthy lunches everyday and figured I would pick out a bento box and a new lunchbox. However, in the craziness of our home renovation, I didn’t get around to any of that and they haven’t been at all necessary. Thank goodness for the free Trader Joe’s lunchbox we had lying around!

Healthy lunch at preschool
First day eating lunch at school and his teacher snapped a picture for me. Pasta with veggies and meat, and a side of fruit.

We already have little containers in every size, making it easy to pack up a variety of food and separate the things that need to be heated up.

Healthy preschool lunch
Leftover rice, kiwi, ham and cheese, grape tomatoes

Packing two lunches a week is good practice for kindergarten next year when I’ll need to do it everyday. Unlike in kindergarten, though, I have the convenience of preschool being able to heat food up, making it easy to pack leftovers.

Even on the days when we haven’t had much to pack for lunch, I’ve found it easy to scrounge together a few things that would satisfy him. For example, half an avocado with chips, the very last of the grapes and chickpeas.

I always include a fruit and veggie, protein and healthy fat. Today is the first time I’m packing him a cookie with his lunch and I hope he enjoys the surprise. It’s a better-for-you banana bread oatmeal cookie, which I’ll get you the recipe for soon!

bone broth chicken soup for lunch
Homemade bone broth chicken soup with whole wheat pasta and lots of veggies, blueberries and banana bread cookie

What are some of your favorite things to pack your kids for lunch at school?

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  • HI Laura, again we are in sync with our kids! We pack two lunches a week for kindergarten too, and I’ve learned through trial and error that you don’t provide them with too much of what they love (e.g. pasta) or they’ll eat it all and avoid the other things that you really want them to eat like the vegies! So far miss four loves a plain sandwich, plus a protein (ham/cheese/eggs) and some veggie sticks. Getting the portions right is another challenge. Oh and I sent yoghurt one day in a cute little spill-proof pot and it came back uneaten! Frustrating! Have fun with the lunches x

    • That is a good tip! The portions are hard because I know he’s hungry at lunch and want to pack enough, but not too much that it goes to waste. I would be so bummed about wasted good food like yogurt.

  • I love this, we have extended days once a month starting next year and we have a nut free school district, I look forward to seeing what other lunches you pack!

    • Nut free could make it more challenging, but so far I haven’t had any need to rely on the fall back of peanut butter and jelly, so we’ve done ok.

  • It seems like you’re getting the right nutritional balance. 🙂 Can’t wait for your better-for-you banana bread oatmeal cookie recipe!

  • I love that your keeping it really healthy and that he’s all about eating that food. It sounds strange but my husband and I actually talk about how were excited to make Penelope’s lunches…super fun!

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