Perk Up Your Day With an Iced Americano – HiLine Coffee Review and Giveaway

You may have caught on by now to the fact that I love coffee. It’s not even the caffeine I crave so much (well, with Emme’s early morning wake ups, it sure helps), but the taste. And then it’s not just the taste, but the smell of the coffee brewing, the warmth of the cup as I cradle it in my hands and the steam as it hits my face as I take those first sips.

coffee in bed
This kind of luxury only happens on weekends away

Coffee is not just a morning treat, though. By the afternoon, I’m ready for a little pick-me-up, usually an espresso drink. Again, not just for the caffeine to make it through the rest of the afternoon. It’s because I enjoy the feel of the cup, the taste of the coffee and it’s just nice to have a little something to sip on.

I tend to wait until after Emme’s nap to enjoy my afternoon coffee and with the press of a button on my trusty Nespresso machine, she can even help me make it. We started hanging out on the front porch while I savored my coffee because that’s where the sun hits in the fall and winter and it’s nice to sit out there soaking up the warmth–seriously, our backyard was at least 10 degrees colder than the front. Hence, the #frontporchcoffeedate on Instagram.

front porch coffee with Emme
Future coffee lover. No drinking, but she did dip!

Thanks to declaring my love of my Nespresso machine (although I do enjoy my Bialetti when Doug is home and we’re making espresso for two), HiLine Coffee contacted me to see if I’d like to try their Nespresso compatible pods in my machine and offered to sponsor a giveaway for Fit Mama Love readers (enter at the end of this post).  Prior to this I had no idea there was an alternative to the Nespresso pods themselves, so I eagerly agreed to trying something new.

NY-themed HiLine Capsule Sleeves

HiLine Coffee makes premium coffee capsules that work with your Nespresso machine and because they’re a small company, they can price their products more attractively. HiLine’s capsules start at $.45 compared to $.65 for Nespresso. They use a fun NYC theme since that’s where they’re located. They sent me sleeves of their darkest roasts to try along with their decaf varieties.

HiLine Coffee Review

What I love about their coffee is that it’s something different. All the Nespresso varieties have a distinct quality about them and it was nice to change things up with a different flavor. Both Doug and I really enjoyed all of the capsules as straight up espresso. None of them were quite as strong as the Nespresso ones, but they were smooth with a more coffee-like than espresso-like quality.

Espresso and Americanos turned out to be my favorite ways to enjoy the HiLine capsules. Due to their smoother, lighter flavor, they didn’t hold up as well in a cappuccino or latte, at least to our palettes. However, I did make my best iced Americano ever with their capsules and I had struggled to make it just right with the Nespresso ones. I think their flavor profile just suits that drink better.

On a technical matter, after inserting the capsule into the machine, the lever didn’t push down as easily as with a Nespresso capsule. It’s not that I had to fight with it or anything, I just had to push down a bit harder with the HiLine capsule. Other than that, it worked well with the machine.

A great thing about the capsules is that they are BPA and phthalate free. They’re are also recyclable and you can just toss them in with your regular recycling, unlike the Nespresso capsules that you have to put in a separate bag and mail back to them.

Pros: Flavorful alternative to Nespresso, less expensive than Nespresso, smoother and lighter profile, makes great Americanos, recyclable capsules

Cons: Smoother and lighter profile (yes, this is both a pro and a con), not as good for cappuccinos and lattes, takes more pressure to push down the machine lever

Now that it’s *nearly* summer, there’s nothing like an iced Americano on a hot afternoon. So here’s how to make the perfect one using HiLine espresso capsules.

Perfect Iced Americano Recipe

1 Nespresso machine
2 HiLine capsules (one regular, one decaf if you like)
1 tsp coconut sugar (or maple syrup or sweetener of choice)

Turn on your Nespresso machine and fill a tall glass with ice while you wait for it to warm up.

Once it’s ready, place your first capsule in and press the button to make your espresso (optional cute toddler helper).

Emme pushing Nespresso button with a HiLine Coffee pod

Stir the 1 tsp of sugar into the hot espresso and pour it over the ice.

Make second espresso and pour into glass.

Nespresso machine making espresso with HiLine Coffee

Fill the glass to the brim with water (there won’t be too much room).

Stick straw in and enjoy!

Iced Americano for a hot day

Now that you’re likely wishing you could get this picture to pop out of the screen and enjoy it yourself, enter below for your chance to win EIGHTY HiLine capsules (eight sleeves). Giveaway ends Monday at midnight and winner will be posted Tuesday.

This giveaway has ended. This post contains affiliate links–thank you for your support!

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