The Post I Meant to Publish Yesterday

Oh heyyyy there. My posts are coming in few and far between these days with the holidays plus our home addition underway. I had wanted to pop in yesterday to wish you a happy new year as well as announce the winner for the Live on. Give on. Giveaway for the $100 Visa gift card….but time got away from me, so here I am tonight after our little New Year’s Day outing.

New Year's Day at the Beach
A few people commented on my shirt when I posted this pic on Instagram. It’s Free People, so check it out if you like (affiliate link).

We’re in the thick of picking out everything for our new master bath, so most of my free hours have been spent researching that. Seems like fun until you start looking at all the millions of options out there and it becomes overwhelming. We think we’ve just about nailed down what we want, though, so things are feeling a little more under control…for now.

We’ve been enjoying a nice break from the rain (but it’s so cold!), so progress has been made! Here’s where we’re at just about a month after breaking ground.

Home addition after one month of work

I took that picture a few days ago and even more has been done since then. To really appreciate this picture, I’ll remind you that before this, that area of the backyard was all concrete, so they’ve really done quite a bit as far as tearing all that up and digging it out. I know we need the rain and everything, but it delayed our project quite a bit, so it’s nice to see some progress.

I’ll tell you more about the addition as we go along, but basically, we’re adding on a master suite and opening up our living area.

With Emme becoming familiar with the potty these days, let’s just say that we are more than ready to have another bathroom to make use of!

I’ll be back soon to fill you in on our holiday happenings and how my workouts have been looking lately. I hope you’ve been able to keep your bodies moving during this hectic time of year!

Without further ado, the winner of the Live on. Give on. giveaway sponsored by Medronic is Ann who said, “I really love David Watkin’s story because of the impact sports had on his life. I work with underprivileged kids and give free tennis lessons. They always have such a great time. The company I work with provides racquets and I get to provide them with fun tennis games.” Congrats, Ann!

I look forward to bringing you more giveaways in the future!

Hope your New Year’s Day was a happy one!

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