Lots of Enthusiasm About Turning Five

We picked his name because we liked it, but finding out the meaning made me like it even more: Enthusiasm. My boy is nothing if not enthusiastic.

Reece enthusiastic smile

I’m not sure where these five years have gone, but this boy with those eyes that stole my heart from the beginning, he’s the one who made me a mama, who made me realize how deeply I could love and who has tried my patience since birth. Somehow we’ve made it to five.

Reece showing off his artwork

He’s the friendliest kid on the block, at his school, in gym child care–just basically the friendliest kid ever. This boy loves deeply and he’s ready to make every kid he meets one of his people.

Reece on the beach in Pacific Grove

He’s a goofy kid, cracking himself up all the time, frequently over inappropriate things I’d rather he not say.

Reece with a silly face

This year was a big one–really getting a handle on the two-wheel bike,

Reece at the BMX track

starting preschool,

Reece with his preschool artwork

and taking on some new activities.

Reece in his karate uniform

He loves many things, but topping the list are outer space, ninjas, Legos, science and the color blue.

Reece in his space bedroom

Still the smallest of all his friends, he’s my big boy now,

Reece climbing on the playground

but he’ll always be my baby.

Reece newborn photo
Photo by rosanne parket photography

I love you to the moon and back, Reecey Pie, and I’m so lucky I get to be your mama.

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