September Friday Favorites

Every month, I feel like the last Friday sneaks up on me and once again it’s time for yet another Friday Faves post. It really makes time feel like it’s flying by!


It’s finally officially fall and now I can really get excited about pumpkin everything! It still won’t really feel like fall here until November, but that’s ok, I can still enjoy apple picking and pumpkin patches and all of that in our hot weather until then.

Kings Canyon

We got back from camping for a few days at Kings Canyon National Park and it is incredibly gorgeous with stunning views everywhere. I’ll post more about it next week!

Outside Boyden Cave Kings Canyon

Roasting Marshmallows

Really, I’m not a fan of marshmallows, but roasting one over a campfire until it is perfectly toasted, ooey gooey falling off the stick and placing it in-between two graham crackers with a melty piece of dark chocolate is pretty great.

Flavored almonds

I finally got my hands on some Blue Diamond Almonds I’ve been seeing all over the blogosphere lately. I am in love with the chile lime and salt and vinegar flavors. The one downside: they might technically be healthier than potato chips with similar flavors, but I want to eat a ton of them, and then I’m still taking in a lot of calories just like with potato chips. It’s hard to portion control with these!

Blue Diamond Almonds salt n vinegar

I also found some good flavored ones at Whole Foods that they make in house. I’ve only tried the tequila lime ones so far and although they are pretty oily, I really love the flavor!

Bonus cardio

I’ve already mentioned this a lot, but I’m loving getting my cardio in by running around the neighborhood with my little dude on his bike. I love that he loves it too!


I mean really, who doesn’t love bacon? We bought this uncured, black forest bacon from Whole Foods for our camping trip and I’m not sure I can buy another kind ever again. I don’t know what the brand is, so hopefully I’ll find it again just based on the packaging. So. Good!

cooking bacon camping

New Running Shoes

I won these Mizuno Wave Kazans through a Fit Fluential Instagram challenge and they’re great! New running shoes always pump up my workouts and these have been great for chasing Reece’s bike around town. I love the colors too!Mizuno Wave Kazans at the park

 What are you loving this month?

Happy Friday!

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Comments 8

  • Fun post! I look forward to reading more about the camping trip. September has been a birthday/anniversary and therefore family month, and it’s been a favorite to soak up the time together.
    Also Terra (?) vegetable chips, I could eat a whole bag in a single sitting and I’m normally a sweet girl).

    • I LOVE those chips! I’m pretty sure they made my list of things I keep out of my house because I cannot stop eating them! I especially love the taro ones (white with purple flecks). Fun month for you!

  • I gotta agree—I’m excited for fall! Notice I said excited “for” because it isn’t exactly hitting us here weather-wise lol. We still have 80-degree weather during the day, but at least the mornings and evenings are now cooler. Yay for pumpkin pie, pumpkin decorating and Halloween to start it off!

  • I’ve never head of Kings Canyon but it looks gorgeous! We didn’t get a chance to do any real camping (we went glamping earlier this summer) so hopefully next year we’ll get to. Love the new shoes!

  • Looks like a great time! Kings canyon looks beautiful! I’m loving an excuse for making more pumpkin flavored desserts. Enjoy your Sunday!

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