Sick Week

So much for being back to normal this week. We’re all sick, so we’ve just been home nursing ourselves back to healthy. There’s been a lot of this going on

chicken soup and fizzy water

Chicken soup and fizzy water for the win. Plus some pho. Pho is amazing for colds.

I feel so badly for Emme who is all stuffed up and hates me going anywhere near her nose, whether it be with a wipe or saline drops. I’m looking forward to the day when my kids are old enough to take medicine. Saline and humidifiers only go so far.

Being sick while having to take care of kids instead of actually having a sick day is definitely high up there on the list of things that suck when you’re a parent. Sleep deprivation tops the list, but being sick is a close second. It’s even worse when the kids are sick too–no sleep for anyone then.

We tried Reece’s first board game yesterday as a calm activity. We’ve had Trouble sitting around for a couple of years and I thought it would be simple enough for him to get.

sick day board game

He did well with it, but was just bored after awhile and wanted to just land his playing piece on mine all the time. We called it quits after we each got one player to the finish. Maybe something like Candyland would hold his interest a little more since there’s always something going on. He has a few board games coming his way for Christmas, so I hope he likes those.


Emme took a little fall today and bonked the side of her face. Later, I was talking to her about her “owie” and asked if she could say owie. Ow-wie. Reece chimed in “kind of like oui, which is a word in French.” I like how some of the French is sticking with him. Probably a good thing since we’re already thinking about when our next trip to France will be.


I’m considering taking a bath to help get settled in for the night. I don’t take them very often, but it seemed appealing as I was filling the tub for Reece’s, so I might give in to that. For now I’m settled on the couch with some dessert. Cornbread for dessert, anyone? So yummy.

cornbread and tea

Might just head to bed after I hit publish. Sending healthy vibes out to you.

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