Eat Pasta, Not Squash

I enjoy a varied diet, I’m a big fan of getting in extra veggies, I think my spiralizer is a fun kitchen tool and sometimes I think a grain can be replaced by a veggie instead. However, I cannot get on board with subbing squash for pasta.

Sure, it seems like a good idea when you hear the name “spaghetti” squash and see pictures of it in the blogosphere topped with marinara sauce. But, just, no. Don’t do it. I love squash. I love sauce, but they don’t belong together like that. The flavors just sit on top of each other and don’t mix well.

Now, this is a spaghetti squash recipe I can get on board with.

As for marinara sauce, I’ll stick with putting that on top of my pasta, where it belongs.

Paleo, gluten-free by choice, low carb, etc I will never understand. You do you, but I’ll be over here happily enjoying my delicious pasta dish.

I’m not suggesting you carb-load everyday, but as long as it’s real food with quality ingredients, you shouldn’t have to give up the things you love in order to have a healthy diet. (Update: now there’s a study to confirm that pasta can help you lose weight!)

My love for pasta was once again confirmed last night when the hubby took stab at cooking my beloved broccoli rabe and orecchiette dish. There are few things better than perfectly cooked pasta and he nailed it.

orecchiette pasta with broccolini and sausage
Beautiful, don’t you think?

Sure, whole grains may be best, but they don’t make great pasta. As long as you’re eating a balanced diet, there’s plenty of room in there to enjoy a real pasta dish without worrying about your waistline.

Also, I’m convinced that if you’re not a fan of pasta, you’ve never had it cooked properly. So find yourself an Italian grandma to make you the good stuff or locals can head over to iTalico in Palo Alto to experience the real deal.


Agree or disagree?

What’s your favorite pasta dish?

How do you feel about spaghetti squash with marinara sauce?

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  • I think it’s definitely a to each their own thing. I have never been a big pasta fan neither has my hubby so we happily eat spaghetti squash or spiraled zucchini in place of pasta. Actually, we enjoy it even more than pasta! It doesn’t hurt that I feel less full, bloated and my digestive system is a bit happier with me when I stick with the squash 🙂 BUT I totally get how some people just love their pasta!

    • I’ve heard some people say the squash version is more flavorful and to that I can only think that they must just have not had properly cooked pasta. I do enjoy playing with my spiralizer, but I don’t consider it a pasta substitute. Just a different kind of side dish. To each his own sure, but I will never understand it. 🙂

  • Laura, I completely agree! I don’t mind “zoodles” but they are just a novelty to me, I’d never give up the real thing. We eat pasta and noodles very sparingly now but I could never give up grains completely.

  • I love this post! I agree with you. I allow one pasta dish a week and I go for the real thing. I’m half Italian, so maybe that has something to do with it. I’m obsessed with crispy gnocchi lately, love orchetee with broccoli rabe with some chili flakes, lemon zest and goat cheese.

    I’ve never tried the spaghetti squash before. I also like to have a good bagel once in a while too

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