St Patrick’s Day Good Reads

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I don’t have any green workout clothes, so no green for me today, but at least my kids are festive.

kids at Whole Foods St Patrick's Day
Shopping for corned beef and cabbage at Whole Foods after the gym. This was before all the screaming began…

Also, I finally found this new Ben and Jerry’s Core ice cream that I’ve been dying to try:

Ben and Jerry's That's My JamThis was the only flavor they had left, but I also can’t wait to try the other ones–especially Hazed and Confused (chocolate hazelnut)!

Some reading material to entertain you through the rest of your Monday:


Kettlebell Exercises From CrossFit Trainer – I incorporated these into my kettlebell workout today.

Strength Training is for Everyone – Too many people focus on cardio instead of strength when it’s so important.

Let’s Get Personal: Do You Wear Underwear When Working Out? – Well do you?? 🙂

Food and Nutrition

Sweet Potato Bagels – I so want to try these!

5-Second Rule is Real – So glad to hear this since we invoke it often!

6 Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Olive Oil – My favorite!


27 Non-Toxic Recipes for DIY Cleaning

Do you spot what’s not quite right with these fashion posters? – Reminding everyone that they’re Photoshopped. Interesting.

Worldwide Survey Reveals 6 Common Habits for a Happy Marriage


I don’t want to #banbossy. But I will #affirmassertive. – Love this

Video – Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s Frozen – Cute, even though it’s funny that they posted it to YouTube calling themselves good looking parents!

Hope your Monday was marvelous!

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Comments 5

  • I need to know how the ice cream is!

    Happy St Patrick’s Day! I wore a green work out top today, and was pleasantly surprised by the number of green shirts at the gym!

    All I can think of when attempting to watch that video of the parents is how poor of an example the mom is by not wearing her seat belt safely 🙁

    • First,the ice cream was really good! Definitely getting lots of cardio in tomorrow, haha!

      There were a lot of comments about her seatbelt if you read through them. That and dad not keeping his eyes on the road.

  • Found the Ice cream at Safeway a few days ago…my boyfriend and I managed to finish the entire pint, oops! It was the chocolate and caramel ice cream w/ caramel in the middle. SO good!

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