Strong vs Skinny

A while back, I was directed to this article from a friend’s Facebook posting. “Strong is the New Skinny” and that’s not necessarily a good thing it said. How could wanting to be strong possibly be a bad thing, I wondered, so I clicked over, intrigued. I found myself agreeing with the author that having a six-pack and other defined muscles is motivated by the same desire that wanting to be skinny is, and people aren’t doing it for the sake of being healthy like they should.

With how much I’m into working out these days and enjoying how my body looks with toned muscles, I wondered if this had replaced my former obsession of dieting and exercising purely for looks, my only motivation to be thin, which I equated with beauty. Since I can barely go two days without exercising and not feel blah, I started thinking maybe I have a new problem and my healthy habit isn’t as healthy as I thought. Perhaps I’ve redirected my energy to getting my muscles to look awesome instead of putting it into obsessing over everything that went in my mouth.

The article stuck with me and, mulling it over for a few days thinking maybe I had a new problem, I decided I actually didn’t agree with it at all. What does it matter what my motivation is? Who cares if someone starts practicing yoga to have awesome arms or inner peace? What matters is that they’re being active and they’ll probably end up getting both of those things.

Yes, my initial motivation is to look good, but it’s also to be healthy. As a result of the exercise, I feel good, which is why it’s so hard for me to go more than a couple of days without it. Seeing the changes in my body and appreciating how it’s looking are super motivating. I love knowing what I’m doing is healthy for my body, providing a good example to my kids, and hey, who doesn’t love having nice-looking toned muscles as a result?

The way I see it is, whatever gets you moving is good. Whether it’s purely for health, the feel-good post workout energy boost or you just want to look good, just get out there and get moving. Be consistent about it, fuel your body right and that’s what really matters.

What motivated you to start your fitness journey? For me it was gaining weight after getting married and going up a couple sizes in pants. I knew I did not want to keep heading down that path.

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