Sunday Buns-day Pilates Booty Burner

Hey guys! I hope you’re all enjoying a glorious fall weekend. Perhaps some of you are off all week thanks to the upcoming holiday.

Let’s get this turkey week started off right with a little booty burner. They’ll be some major eating going on this week, so let’s work a little extra hard to balance it out.

This is my favorite Pilates workout for getting my buns burning. Try adding this in with the rest of your strength session or to just get a little something extra in at home.

Sunday Buns-day Pilates Booty Burner
*Remember to keep your abs pulled in, your head up with your gaze just in front of you and breathe.

Get into position on your hands and knees.

Stick one leg straight out behind you and pulse it up for 16.

pilates booty burnerNext, stick out the opposite arm and pulse both for 16.

pilates booty burnerPut your hand back on the ground, flex your leg and point your foot, and push up for 16.

pilates booty burnerThen flex your foot and push up for another 16.

pilates booty burner

Repeat both point and flex another 16 each!

Now put your flexed leg out to the side and pulse for 16.

pilates booty burner

Pause and stretch that hip out! Pigeon pose gives you a really nice stretch.

You know what’s next–the other side!

Click reply up by the title and let me know if you participated in Sunday Buns-day or if you’ll be trying it out another day this week.

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