Tabata Tuesday — A Workout for You!

I’m loving our Tuesday routine lately. There’s no rushing out the door in the morning, so Emme gets her full nap in. Story time at the library, then we head to the Y to have lunch before dropping the kids off in child care while I head to Tabata.

Siblings sharing lunch

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m loving the Tabata class I’ve been taking the last few weeks. If your gym doesn’t offer a class, though, you can do your Tabata workout at home. You won’t have an instructor to keep you pumped, but drink a little espresso beforehand and you’ll be good to go. 🙂

afternoon espresso nespresso afternoon pick me up

First download a Tabata timer app. I use the free Tabata Timer. The app gives short beeps leading up to the change and then one longer one when it’s time to go. Be ready to go with the exercise as soon as your hear the beep!

The workout I put together for you is six 4-minute sessions, including ab work for the last two. For each four-minute session, you’ll do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeat. At the end of the four minutes, you’ll rest for 30 seconds and then start another round.

For each four-minute session, alternate between the two exercises listed. So you’ll do 20 seconds of the first exercise, rest for 10 seconds, 20 seconds of the second exercise, rest for 10 seconds, 20 seconds of the first exercise, rest for 10 seconds, etc.

Let’s go!

Tabata Tuesday Workout
*This workout is intended for those who have a fairly established workout routine, not beginners. You can always modify, though, to fit your needs.

Warmup: A few minutes of easy jumping jacks, jogging in place, dancing around your living room to your favorite song, whatever. 🙂

Session 1:

Jump squats and
Jumping lunges

Session 2:

Regular elbows out push-ups (all the way down on your belly, lift hands up before pushing up. Modify on knees) and
Elbows in push-ups (elbows will slide down your sides–these are challenging, keep your form and go slowly if you need to).

Session 3:

Burpees and
Fast-as-you-can jumping jacks

Session 4:

High knees (high as you can!) and
Mountain climbers.

Session 5:

Scissor legs with twist (elbow to opposite knee) and

Session 6:

Side plank with side crunch (knee and elbow touch) and
Up-down plank

Take five to stretch!

Phew, now that’s a workout! If you try it, let me know what you think!

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