Teaching My First Pilates Class

I’m not usually a fan of being up in front of people. Walking down the aisle at my wedding was pretty scary and I’m glad I had my dad to hold onto. Thank goodness tradition doesn’t call for a bride walking down the aisle by herself!

When I first started thinking about teaching Pilates, I was considering doing private instruction because I wasn’t sure how I would do leading a group class, which seems contrary to my personality.

teaching pilates instructor

Here’s the thing, though. I actually do like to lead and I can like being up in front of people if only I’m confident in what I’m doing and feel like I’m the one who knows it best. Teaching Pilates fits that bill. Now if there were another Pilates instructor in the room that I had to teach, I might not be as confident–yet.

While last night was technically my first time teaching a full Pilates class in a formal setting, I’ve been teaching full classes to friends and family at their homes and have also taught portions of my Pilates classes for awhile. The very first time I taught, I was ready to chicken out and told my instructor right before class that I didn’t think I was ready. His words? “You won’t be until you do it.” Truth.

Last night I was very glad I had already gotten those first class jitters out of the way. I felt confident in my routine and arrived early to learn how to set up my music and just relax in the room. Since it was a new class, I wasn’t even sure that anyone would show up. Fortunately, they’d had the new class posted for a little while, so people did show–FIVE of them!

first pilates class

I was really excited to have that many people and it was just perfect for my first class. Two students were advanced–one that I recognized from my usual Pilates class–and three beginner. I liked that mix because it gave me an opportunity to teach lots of modifications for the newbies and challenges for the experienced ones.

All the woman seemed to leave pretty happy and a few said that not only would they be back, but they would tell others about the class too. It would be fun to have a fairly regular group, so I hope they do come back.

I’m looking forward to my next class and figuring out a new routine with these particular women in mind.

Tell me about your first time teaching, whether it be fitness or education or whatever!

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