Thankful for My Emme Baby

Two nights before Thanksgiving and I’m sitting here contemplating whether or not to have dessert to accompany this blog post since I know there will be excess in the coming days.  I’m running down a list of everything I am thankful for and of course the standout is my baby girl who turns two on Thursday.Emme_snackTwo years ago at this time, Thanksgiving was already behind us, I was coming up on two weeks past my due date and willing my body to go into labor so I wouldn’t have to be induced. No such luck and I was induced at exactly 42 weeks pregnant.

We were thrilled to have our beautiful baby girl and the first year was smooth sailing compared to what we went through with Reece. Once she hit toddlerhood, things took a bit of a turn.

This year has not been the easiest with my girl and you’ve likely picked up on that from previous posts. Mostly, she decided that her favorite way to communicate is through screaming and also finds great fun in doing everything she can do annoy others through roughhousing, which extends to pinching and scratching.

Despite all of that, she’s actually quite a sweetheart, generously doling out kisses and hugs and always wanting to properly say goodbye if one of us is leaving. She’s very independent, wants to do everything on her own and surprises us all the time with how much she knows and understands. Having a little one with such a well-developed vocabulary is often very amusing.

Emme started out life a smiley little one, but now she’s more reserved and can be shy, taking time to warm up to others. But once she comes out from hiding behind my legs and opens up from her little shy smile, there’s quite a bit of personality there.


As a neighbor once pointed out, “This one’s got some imp in her.” Yes, she definitely does.

Hopefully the 2s will be just as good for us with her as they were with Reece, since all this screaming has long been driving us batty. I’m so thankful for our Emme baby and the fun she has brought to our lives and look forward to seeing even more of who she is during this next year of her life.

I won’t check in on here until after Thanksgiving, so I wish you and yours the happiest holiday!

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