The Halloween One

But before I get into that, look what we did yesterday:

baby girl pierced ears

Yep, I went and got baby girl’s ears pierced yesterday at her pediatrician. Right before her flu shot, poor girl. I thought I would wait until she was three or five or at least when she could remember it, but couldn’t hold out any longer. I thought getting it for her birthday would be nice, but I want her to have them for her party and one-year pictures, so yesterday it happened.

The nurse put numbing cream on Emme’s earlobes and she showed no emotion with the first ear, but cried pretty good for the second one. She stopped crying pretty quickly until the flu shot. Brother was brave and got his first and didn’t cry or whimper or anything. Emme took much longer to recover from hers than the ear piercing.

flu shot recovery with lollipop
Post flu shot recovery

Back to Halloween. The idea was for the kids to be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, but Reece made a last minute decision to be Jake and the Neverland Pirates, which sort of goes with Tinkerbell. I was happy for that because that costume was way less expensive than the Peter Pan one from the Disney Store.

Reece first wore his costume to Disney on Ice the Saturday before Halloween and was basically the cutest little pirate there ever was. He had a blast wearing it around the house every day until Halloween and especially loved his sword.

siblings on Halloween, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Tinkerbell trick-or-treating

I was not about to risk Emme’s Tinkerbell costume getting dirty, so I saved hers for Halloween. I even waited until after her first nap to put it on and then decided we should go visit Doug at work to show off the kids in their costumes. Emme looked so stinking adorable, I couldn’t bear the thought of her just wearing it that night.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Tinkerbell Halloween, Siblings trick-or-treating

Everything was going smoothly until we stopped at Jamba Juice, where they were giving kids free smoothies that day. Of course, I wasn’t going to let Emme hold hers for fear she would spill it all over herself, so I held it out for her to take sips from. After a couple of sips of her strawberry-beet smoothie, she decided to spit some out ALL OVER THE WHITE PART OF HER COSTUME. Fan-freaking-tastic. So we race home and I sprayed it with stain remover, rubbed it in really well and tossed it in the washer on the hand wash cycle. Thankfully, it didn’t stain. (Reece also had a mishap with some dirt and his costume went through the wash midday too.)

Watching these two trick-or-treat together was so fun. I would carry Emme up to the door and stand her next to Reece while he knocked and said “trick-or-treat” for the both of them. The first few houses, Emme would turn around and walk back toward me, but after that she started trying to walk into the houses instead. She really got a kick out of putting a piece of candy in her little bag and Reece was just the nicest big brother helping her pick candy and open her bag up all the way.

Siblings trick-or-treating

Emme lasted just a handful of houses before I brought her home for bed and Reece continued on with Doug. When they came back home, he excitedly dumped out all his candy and I let him eat however much he wanted since that’s the fun of holidays. He ate surprisingly less than I thought and also enjoyed handing out candy do the last of the trick-or-treaters before it was his turn for bed.

Kid pumpkin, three-eyed pumpkin
Reece’s three-eyed (and two-mouthed) pumpkin he helped carve

Since Halloween, he’s been allowed one or two pieces a day (and I do let Emme have some bits of candy too if we’re eating it in front of her), but now I think I might send the rest off with Doug to keep at work for the office. Either that or donate it to the troops, not sure yet. Candy is fun for a little while (love Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, which are a big treat since I haven’t had them in years), but then I’m over it and ready to get back to my usual dark chocolate desserts. At just 3, Reece certainly doesn’t need this much candy around, so I think getting rid of it is best.

I love how the holidays keep getting more and more fun each year that passes, with Reece getting older and able to enjoy it more. I’m so looking forward to what the rest of the holiday season will bring with Emme able to enjoy some of it this year too.


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