The Past Two Weeks in Workouts

Last week was Reece’s birthday, so I skipped my usual workouts post to bring you a special post for the occasion. It didn’t matter much that I skipped it as uneventful as my workouts were that week–nothing except for my teaching schedule.

This week, however, I was able to get in a little more than that and then took the weekend for my rest days. Here’s what the last two weeks looked like:

Monday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – Teach 4 rounds Tabata + PIlates
Tuesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

Monday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – Teach 4 rounds Tabata + Pilates
Tuesday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – 20 min AMT + Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Thursday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – 3 mile treadmill run + Teach Pilates x2
Friday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

It felt great getting in three rounds of cardio this past week, which is what I’d like to fit in all the time. Now that the house remodel is settling down and I have less errands to run, I’ll be more likely to do so (you know, as long as another cold doesn’t make the rounds).

As for our weekend, we kicked it off with this beauty of a countertop being installed.

Poured Concrete Vanity Countertop

It’s poured concrete and we’re so happy with how it turned out. We almost went with other options, but I’m glad we went for this since it’s what we really loved. If you’re local and interested in this option, we used Paul at Concrete Craftsman in Santa Cruz and were very happy with him! (He didn’t ask me to say that nor does he know about this blog or anything like that.) I can’t wait until our bathroom is finally complete and I can show you pictures!

The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the sunshine on the front porch, at a friend’s birthday party and at the farmer’s market.

Front Porch Coffee Date coloring

And it included a nice and lazy Sunday morning with lots of time for Legos and dress up.

Ladybug Girl Dressup

Hope you had a great weekend, now let’s get moving this week!

Joining Ashley’s Weekly Workouts and Meals Linkup this week.

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