This is Four

Four is…

…Legos all day.

Reece building a Lego
Love the focused look.

Reece building a Lego

Legos lined up on piano
Piano full of Legos

…having an imaginary friend. Reece has one named Lightning who actually is a bolt of lightning. He isn’t always around, but he comes up every few days.

…riding a pedal bike. Balance bikes are amazing for getting kids riding two-wheel bikes this young.

Reece riding his pedal bike at 4 years old

…pretend play, especially being a ninja. See his sword there, ready to go? He’s also picking up on people’s careers, pretending to be things like an exercise instructor and an architect. Based on his drawings, I think he has quite a talent for home design. 🙂

Pretending to be a ninja

…the start of reading chapter books without pictures. Of course, he’d let me read anything that is about ninjas.

Reece with Ninjago book

…protecting your little sister. She doesn’t always appreciate it, but he’s frequently coming to her rescue by pulling her away from rosebushes and hot grills.

brother and sister holding hands walking
sharing siblings
…demanding, eye rolling, whining, bossiness, “no,” and “why,” but for this post, I’ll focus on the positive. 🙂


Ninjago Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Reece’s fourth birthday with a Ninjago party. I’m not crafty, but Pinterest was very helpful since there are no ready-made Ninjago party decorations.

Ninjago party decorations origami shurikens and ninja lollipops
Origami shurikens, ninja lollipops and Ninjago eyes

Reece wore his Ninja costume that we gave him as a present and Doug crafted a belt for him to look more like his favorite Ninjago character, Zane.

Zane Ninjago costume and Ninjago favor bags


He helped me make a cake to look like Zane. I used a cake mix from Whole Foods (since my last from-scratch cake came out a bit dry and Whole Foods is the only place I’ve found that sells cake mix without yucky ingredients), used homemade whipped cream instead of icing (I don’t like icing) and filled the middle with blueberries.

Ninjago Zane cake Ready to blow out candles

Since there are no ninja piñatas, I bought a skull and crossbones to serve as the evil skeleton warriors from Ninjago, which made it even more fun to whack and defeat them.
Whacking skeleton piñata

We also had the kids throw their shurikens at plastic snakes, which were part of their favors (snakes are also bad guys in Ninjago).

Not a bad party for a not-crafty mom! We have free time this morning since I teach Pilates tonight and while I’m not completely sure what the start of our marvelous Monday holds, I’m pretty sure it will involve building all Reece’s new Lego sets!

How did you enjoy your weekend?

Share what is marvelous about your Monday!

Here are a couple links in case you are interested in throwing your own Ninjago party:

Ninja Star/Shuriken Tutorial

Ninjago Eyes Instant Download from Etsy

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