This Week in Workouts and Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope all you mamas out there had a great Mother’s Day weekend! Thanks to the festivities of the weekend, I got in some fun active rest days, which was good to make up for another week of very little else besides Pilates. There have been so many weeks of Pilates and very little else that I’m beginning to think that’s just how it’s going to be unless I change up my teaching schedule somehow. Something to think about.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: Stretching/Flexibility + Cardio – Teach Tabata (4 rounds) + PIlates
Tuesday: Stretching/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Stretching/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Thursday: Stretching/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Active Rest – Trampolines
Sunday: Active Rest – Hiking

Saturday we had Reece’s 5th birthday party at a trampoline place, which was a lot of fun. I jumped for a little while with the kids and now I want to go back for more! It wasn’t much of a workout because I didn’t jump for that long and stuck with the little kids section (little jumps only) for Emme, but it definitely could be and what a fun one it would be!

Reece was so glad to finally have his party two weeks after his real birthday. He loved having all of his friends from various places together at the same time.


Totally cringed at getting the cake with all the artificial colors, transfat and other nastiness since I’ve been so good about avoiding that stuff other years, but house stuff won over party planning this year and I’m just glad I was able to get him the Ninja Turtle cake he wanted less than 24 hours before his party!

Sunday was a mostly lazy day–all I asked for was to sleep in and bacon. 🙂 I got both of those things and a couple of pairs of new shoes along with them.

Emme wearing Toms wedges
Emme loves my new Toms too!

My favorite gift, though, were the roses I got from Reece.


As I was putting him to bed on Saturday night, he told me he had a gift for me, but it wouldn’t be wrapped. I thought it might be a flower from the yard, which would have been sweet, but Doug helped him take the extra step of cutting down a whole bunch of them from our many rose bushes and displaying them in a vase for me on the table for when I woke up. The sweetest thing.

The rest of the morning was filled with squabbling as we struggled to get the kids out of the house, but once we did we had a lovely rest of our day in Los Gatos. I enjoyed some more sweet moments with my boy as he happily held my hand and walked with me through town, frequently throwing out there that he loved me and even asking me to pause for a hug and a kiss. He’s usually a lazy walker, wanting to just sit on the front of the BOB while Emme’s in the main seat, so it was nice that he had no complaints about walking today, just happy to spend the time with me.

Frozen yogurt in Los Gatos
My kids’ fake smiles in this picture crack me up! I don’t think I’ve really seen Emme do it before.

We then took a leisurely hike on the Los Gatos Creek Trail (yes, I changed my shoes for that), but I did get in a little burn by pushing the stroller up a steep and rugged part of the trail.

Overall, an enjoyable day. Eating my Mother’s Day breakfast that Doug made had me remembering my sister and I making breakfast in bed for our mom every Mother’s Day–her prepping us the night before, reminding us how long to boil an egg for soft boiled. It had me smiling over the vague memories of us working together in the kitchen putting her breakfast together to bring upstairs.

I wonder what memories my littles will have of Mother’s Days when they grow up.


 How was your Mother’s Day weekend?

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