This Week in Workouts: Easter Edition

Well the rain didn’t ruin our Easter fun and even though it was a little chilly and drizzly, we were still able to enjoy an outdoor Easter egg hunt.

Emme hunting for Easter Eggs outside

The kids dressed in their springtime best, we just threw jackets on them when they let us.

Reece with his Easter toys

Emme eating huge broccoli
Love this picture of her going to town on a huge piece of broccoli

Since Saturday was Doug’s birthday and Sunday my mother-in-law’s Easter wasn’t our only weekend fun. Doug and I both kicked Saturday off with cycling–him on his road bike and me at the gym. That cycling class kicked my butt!

Then we dropped the kids off with my dad for some pizza making, egg coloring fun while we celebrated the birthdays at The Table in Willow Glen.

Dinner at The Table in Willow Glen

We’ve been wanting to go there for quite awhile and I’m so glad we finally did because our meal was incredible. Not only that, but this 2001 Jordan my father-in-law brought along with us.

2001 Jordan CabernetI was glad I had gotten good cardio in that morning after that meal, that’s for sure!

Here’s what the rest of the week looked like:

Monday: Strength/Flexibility + Cardio – Teach Pilates plus 10 min Tabata
Tuesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Saturday: Cardio – Cycling
Sunday: OFF

This week it will be easier to squeeze some cardio in because I start teaching a Tabata class before my cycling Pilates class (heh, whoops–not teaching cycling yet!) on Monday, which I’m very much looking forward to.

Have a great week!

Emme with her Easter eggs

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