This Week in Workouts: Instructor Training

Hi all! Hope you all had a great weekend! A little later than usual with my workout and weekend post, but at least I’m actually getting it out this week!

I was back in the swing of things with some really good workouts this week, especially thanks to the instructor training I had on Saturday. I’ve been wanting to expand my teaching repertoire, so when one of the gyms I work at offered me the opportunity to take instructor training for weight lifting and cardio kickboxing classes, I jumped at the opportunity.

Now I have to figure out when in my schedule I can fit in more teaching. We’re just getting started in the school year, so I’m not completely sure how our days will play out right now.

Here’s what the rest of my workouts looked like last week:

Monday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – Teach Tabata 4 rounds plus Teach Pilates
Tuesday: Active Rest – Walk to Reece’s school
Wednesday: Cardio + StrengthKettlebells and weight lifting with 1 minute cardio bursts plus 20 minute treadmill run at slight incline with 3 minute speed burst
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Friday: Cardio + Strength/FlexibilityHybrid bike 10 min plus Teach Pilates plus AMT 15 min
Saturday: Cardio + Strength – Cardio Kickboxing class and training plus weight lifting class and training
Sunday: OFF

I was definitely ready for that day off on Sunday!

On top of the instructor training, the rest of my weekend was packed with fun things. My birthday was on Thursday, so on Friday, my sister and I went to the Taylor Swift concert at Levi’s Stadium as part of my birthday gift. It was my first time there, so that was fun in itself and the concert was great.


imageSunday it was crazy hot, so I was glad for the pool party we went to for one of Reece’s friend’s. We also went to the pool on Saturday evening after my training. This heat is really making it hard to believe that school it starting out here already.


It’s back-to-school week for many of you, us included, so we’ll be out school supply shopping and enjoying summer a bit more before my big baby starts kindergarten in a few days.

Hope your week got off to a great start today!

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