This Week in Workouts: Pilates and Not Much Else

Hey all! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend! I’m excited that we get one more day off with Doug. We’re celebrating the last weekend of summer (well, what seems like the last weekend, anyway) by heading to the beach tomorrow!

This past week I subbed for two Pilates classes, which made it tricky to get in any additional workouts because I can only leave my kids in the childcare for a certain amount of time. I could’ve fit in more than I did, but honestly, I didn’t try that hard.

It’s ok to have off weeks.

This week I’ll likely be more motivated, but my workouts will take me to different YMCAs than usual since our normal one is closed for renovations. I’m excited to see how they spruce up the mind/body room, which is where I teach Pilates.

Here’s what this week looked like:

Monday: Take Pilates/Teach Pilates
Tuesday: Teach Pilates
Wednesday: Teach Pilates
Thursday: Teach Pilates
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 3-mile treadmill run
Sunday: OFF

Time to get back to prepping dinner. Right now I have this simmering on the stove:

ratatouille cooking on the stove

We’re doing a repeat of our lamb and ratatouille meal, which means the lamb recipe will be coming soon! My mouth is already watering.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

How are you celebrating the last weekend of summer?

Anything fun for dinner tonight?

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