This Week in Workouts + Preschool Paperwork

Hope you all enjoyed your last weekend of summer! I kid, but that’s what California would have you believe since some schools this week. We’ll keep summering it up over here, though, until after Labor Day, which is when school should start.

Plus, I haven’t done nearly enough of the things on my summer bucket list yet. Gotta get on that.

Speaking of school, who knew there were so many bajillions of questions to fill out on preschool registration forms?! I’m so glad I put that off until the last minute as per usual… So we had some days of craziness running around to the doctors and such to get everything we need to turn in the forms tomorrow–the day before preschool starts. Nothing like last minute, right?

We did manage to enjoy a nice, chill, hang around the house sort of weekend and I got in my workouts, so life is good.

Reece at the farmers market
Froggy rain boots go with everything

Here’s what my week of workouts looked like:

Monday: Teach Pilates
Tuesday: 20 minute treadmill HIIT
Wednesday: Teach Pilates
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Total body circuit + treadmill HIIT
Sunday: 3ish mile outdoor run

I actually have no idea how long and fast my run this morning was because MapMyRun didn’t work right. It felt pretty slow, but I enjoyed it since I got out at about 7am when everything was still cool, quiet and lovely.

And you see that 20 min treadmill HIIT day? That was supposed to be a HIIT and steady day, but it hit me how much I still needed to do for Reece to start preschool this week, so I spent a good portion of my gym time emailing and calling the preschool and the doctor and then headed out quick to take care of all that.

That’s why I love a good HIIT session–quick and effective!

Anyone else as surprised as I was by all the information required for preschool enrollment?

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Comments 9

  • Definitely a crazy amount of forms, and X 2 for the twins- I wish I could just photocopy some of their forms to only have to fill them in once!

  • My son starts preschool this year too and yes, TONS of paper work! He actually even has a back to school night next week but I’ll be at Blogfest 🙁 Excited to be at Blogfest but sad to miss his first school event! Hope to meet you there 🙂

  • Ya, there was a lot of info to fill out in those forms! I’m glad they ask so many questions though. Makes me confident my child will receive the proper care! And how exciting for Reece! Hope his first day is amazing!

  • I enrolled my daughter a few months ago & was surprised at all the paperwork too! I thought I had it all taken care of then I got a notice in the mail last week that I had to resubmit her physical b/c it was t up to date…grrr!

    Thankfully we don’t start here until after Labor Day here but I’m nervous I’ll be even busier with my daughter in school!

  • Hope your son has a great first week! There is a lot of paperwork indeed! My son started preschool a couple mornings a week last yr and since we moved, I need to find him another good preschool, so he might be starting a little late this year:)

    Unfortunately, my gym does not offer Pilates classes, so I was wondering if you had any recommendations on good Pilates DVDs or YouTube videos that I could do at home to switch up my workout routine?

    • Thanks–he had a great first day!

      If you’re ok with paying a monthly fee (I think it’s less than $20, but you’ll have to double check), is a great resource. Cassey Ho also does great stuff and she has a Pop Pilates DVD you can buy. I’m a big fan of going to YouTube and just searching for whatever I’m in the mood for, although I haven’t done that with Pilates, so I don’t have any specific recommendations (you’ll find a lot of Cassey Ho’s videos there too).

      • Thanks so much for responding and for your suggestions! I will look into those:) I have done some of the pop Pilates videos online- looks easy but they’re killer;) have a nice week!

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