This Week in Workouts: Sick on Vacation

The first part of our vacation may have included a ton of walking, but the second half had me lying in bed a lot of the time. I blame it on the flight and the kid coughing behind me. :/

We still had a nice vacation, but because of my cold, we didn’t get to do the one thing we really wanted to: standup paddle boarding.

It’s a fun activity to do on vacation, checking out a new place. Plus, as an added bonus, it’s a great way to get in a workout. But when the sun was finally shining enough for us to want to do it, my cold hit full force.

Poor Doug had to explore Seattle by himself a bit while I stayed in bed, although I did try to get out for a little bit in the afternoon. That night, it was takeout pho in bed, which is always a good fix.

drinking pho broth when sick
Bottoms up!

After we got home, I was still in recovery mode and I strongly believe that when we’re sick, what our bodies need most is rest, so there was no working out except for the one class I was barely ready to teach on Friday.

Looking forward to getting back to it this week!

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