This Week in Workouts: Sick Week #238

I’ve lost count of the number of sick weeks I’ve had off workouts this cold season because it’s been so many. I’m not sure what my family’s problem is–we eat very healthy, wash our hands, get exercise, do everything right–but somehow we are always getting sick. Add commune-style living to the mix and everything we catch just goes round and round.

Emme was sick right before me and wanted to be worn in the Beco Gemini while we ran house errands, so we took some silly selfies. 🙂

The last time I was sick, I was at least able to power through my classes with a little DayQuil to get me through. This time was different, though, and the congestion was too much to bear. So I took Wednesday-Friday off from teaching and wasn’t in any better shape to workout on my own the rest of the weekend.

Here’s what my boring week of workouts looked like:

Monday: Cardio + Strength/Flexibility – Teach Tabata and Pilates
Tuesday: Strength/Flexibility – Teach Pilates
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: OFF
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

I’m not expecting to feel 100% tomorrow, so teaching Tabata should be interesting. I’ll probably be demonstrating the moves and then cheering my class on instead of doing the whole workout with them.

Friday was my big day of mostly lying on the couch, sitting the kids in front of movies and doing my best to rest. Saturday I managed to get myself presentable looking so we could go to a friend’s party and even though I spent most of the time sitting down feeling a little dazed between glasses of wine and DayQuil, I was glad I got out of the house a bit.

I even went out in my new glasses one day instead of just wearing them at home–never happens!


The rest of the weekend was filled with errands for completing our house renovation. Pro tip: Do not go to Ikea on the weekend, EVER.

The good news is, we’re moving back in this week! Yay! The house is so beautiful, I can’t wait to live there again. We miss being home and miss our neighbors and our routine, so it will be great to be home. The house won’t be completely done because the master bathroom still needs a couple weeks and then there’s the whole backyard landscaping project that will come next, but it’s definitely liveable. I’m eager to post before/after pictures, so I’ll probably post those before we have much up in the way of decorations.

Tell me friends, how do you prevent your family from getting sick all the time?

If you could remodel one room in your house, what would it be?

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Comments 3

  • I swear with how little my little sleeps IM SHOCKED she never gets sick.
    Im no help there but I will say……lottsa veggies? 🙂

  • My son is sick again too! Heading to the dr. as soon as they open but I think it’s strep throat 🙁

  • I’m sorry you are sick! It always derails me from my fitness I feel. Though I try not to work out when I get sick; otherwise, I unusually get more sick or it lasts longer. I really try and have my son wash his hands very often, but I think there is no way to really avoid it. I have him around a lot of kids daily in public places, so hoping that strengthens his immune system.

    Congrats on moving back into the house! I know the feeling. We lived at my mother-in-law’s place when we had the popcorn cieling removed and new floors- talk about a dusty mess ha. I’d love to remodel our kitchen one day:) hope you’re feeling better this week!

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