This Week in Workouts: Trying Something New

You may remember that “Try Something New” was one of my healthy resolution suggestions since it’s a great way to boost your fitness. Changing things up keeps your body guessing and prevents it from getting used to the same old thing.

I mentioned that the rowing machine might be my new something since I’ve been wanting to try it, but just hadn’t gotten around to asking a trainer at the gym to show me how. On Thursday night I was checking out the schedules for other YMCAs in the area and noticed one of them had a rowing class on Friday, so I gave it a try. What a great way to try out rowing for the first time!

Rowing Machine


The instructor was welcoming and very helpful. I positioned myself at the machine right next to her so I could follow her movements throughout the class. It was one hour of Interval work and a fun change from my usual cardio. I was surprised at how much leg work it was since I had expected it to be more arms, but you really push hard with your legs.

I’m glad I had a butt pad down on the seat because even with it, I was getting uncomfortable by the end of class. Maybe it’s like riding a bike and you just get used to it after awhile, but right now I’m not sure how people do it for a full hour without the pad! It was a good workout, though, and I think I’ll definitely be tossing this class in the mix.

I decided to explore schedules of other Ys for more new classes and found a Saturday TRX class at another one that worked perfectly with my schedule. I’d been wanting to try TRX for awhile, but the classes at my usual Y didn’t fit well with my schedule.

TRX suspension training


The verdict? TRX was a great strength workout and I loved how much it worked my back, since I haven’t been paying as much attention to it recently. It was a little crowded in the class, so some of the moves were hard to position myself properly for. This probably varies from place to place and I still got a good workout in. Another one I’ll add to my workout rotation.

I also realized that I haven’t been posting much about my workouts lately. Since the reason I started this blog is to share how I stay fit in order to inspire you to do the same, I thought I should get back to sharing more about that with you.

Here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

Sunday: Strength: 10 min free weights at home during nap time (one of those squeeze in where you can sort of days)

Monday: Strength + cardio: Full body circuit, focus on arms + 20 min cardio (my memory is failing me, I can’t remember what I did for cardio!)

Tuesday: Cardio:  HIIT (20 min bike, 30 seconds on 30 seconds off), Steady (20 min treadmill)

Wednesday: Strength and Flexibility: Pilates

Thursday: Off for filming more videos for Calio.

Friday: Cardio: Rowing class (1 hour)

Saturday: Strength: TRX class (45 min)

Sunday: Strength + Cardio: PiYo and 20 min treadmill

You can see I have a good mix of cardio and strength, plus a lot of variety. I got in six days of workouts this week, but I would say I average 4-5 days. It’s good to get in more some weeks since I know there will be other ones when I miss a few days (like the week before last when I skipped three days in a row).

This week will be a toss up because I’m having fun going around to different Ys to checkout more classes. Not sure why I haven’t done this more often until now. I know there will definitely be at least one Pilates class this week, two full-body circuit plus cardio intervals days and a HIIT and steady day, but the details will work themselves out as I go.

Have you tried anything new lately?

How has your cardio and strength balance been lately?

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