This Week’s Workouts and a Birthday Weekend

I’m sad to see this weekend come to an end just as the weather starts to warm up again and we can enjoy it as a family. You know what I am excited about though? Monday beach day! Now that’s a place I love going to when it’s not the weekend! You can check Instagram tomorrow to see how that’s going. 🙂

I was still recovering from a cold at the beginning of the week, plus the kids came down with it very mildly, so this week’s workouts looked like this:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Strength — Teach Pilates

Thursday: Cardio —  Stairmaster intervals 30 min + Plank 3 min

Friday: Plank 1:30 (this was supposed to be a strength day, but now I can’t remember what happened! I think we just had a lot of errands to run.)

Saturday:  Strength & Cardio — Arms + Stationary Bike HIIT 13 min

Sunday: Strength & Activity — Legs and Plank 2 min + Family Hike (Doesn’t count as cardio, but we were active!)

For the first time in a very long time, I split up my arms and legs days. For the past couple years of exercising, I’ve been a fan of doing total body strength days a few times a week. I thought I’d change it up this week because I wanted to do two strength days in a row without working the same muscles twice. My arms are definitely feeling it today, but my legs felt left out yesterday–until I worked them good and hard today, that is! I might do this more often.

Another thing I did differently was use both free weights and machines. It’s been quite awhile since I used any weight machines, but I picked a couple that I know work my muscles really well and I’m definitely feeling it!

I’ve been doing lots of planks lately because I’m doing Fit Fluential’s April Abs Plank-a-Day Challenge. I’m not following their proposed plan, but it’s a good one to use if you need to work up to doing longer ones. It helps me to change it up by doing some plank variations, but occasionally I hold one in the same position for awhile (today I did one minute straight arms and one minute forearms).

As far as weekend adventures, Friday was Doug’s birthday, which we celebrated at home with 2lbs of poke (just found out that a nearby Costco has a poke bar–it was so good!)

Costco poke bar

and his requested meal of orecchiette pasta with broccoli rabe and sausage–the man is easy to please!

orecchiette with broccoli rabe and sausage
The ones that are stuck together are the best!

That simple meal is one of my favorite things ever too, so I’m glad he requested it! I was bummed that Whole Foods didn’t have broccoli rabe so I had to use broccolini. Hopefully they still sell it sometimes, otherwise I’m not sure I’ll be able to get it anywhere around here, which would super suck.

Blowing out candles with the kids
The best brownie recipe ever!

Saturday was my mother-in-law’s birthday, so we got together in the evening for a family barbecue and joint birthday celebration. It’s always nice to get the whole nearby family together, especially when “Gram Gram” and “Gramps” have been out of town for awhile.

party hats
Partying with hats on

We skipped morning workouts on Sunday and instead decided to spend the day as a family and went for a hike at Huddart Park in Woodside.

Daddy daughter hike

We did a nice 1.5 mile loop with the kids–which is about all they can take at this age.

kids on tree stump

We saw a big banana slug, a couple alligator lizards and a mama and baby deer. This hike was a little tricky with Emme wanting to go off the trail because there was quite a bit of poison oak around.

using imagination on a hike
“Mom, see this log? It looks like a dragon! See this right here? That’s it’s mouth!”

The weather was perfect and it was a really pretty area, so I think we’ll definitely be back to explore it some more.

After hiking, we enjoyed a delicious lunch on the outdoor patio at the Woodside Bakery and Cafe. The kids were so tired, but they held up pretty great anyway…

Tired girl stuffing her mouth

Reece eating his plate
Take a picture before you scold, am I right?

For the most part!

The pastries there all look amazing (should’ve taken a picture!), so we got the kids bunny cookies and Doug and I each got a mini chocolate ganache cannoli to enjoy with our coffees to go.

While the kids were napping, Doug headed out for a bike ride while I just barely squeezed in enough time for some leg work after browsing the Internet for a bit. I also placed my first order for new workout clothes from Fabletics (referral link). I couldn’t pass up the deal for a full 3-piece outfit for $25! I’ll let you know how the clothes are after I try them out, but they sure look cute. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a subscription-based athletic wear company co-founded by Kate Hudson. It looks like you can skip your shipment any month, though.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well! From my friends’ Facebook pictures, it looks like it might be warming up around the rest of the country now, so be sure to go outside and play!

How did you enjoy your weekend?

Anyone else hitting the beach this week?

Do you do mostly free weights or weight machines?

Do you prefer total body workouts or do you split up your body parts over a couple days?

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