This Week’s Workouts + Calorie-Blasting Treadmill Interval Workout and Grilled Cauliflower

Hope you’re enjoying a nice holiday weekend so far! I’ll probably be getting us ready for the beach when this posts. I’m heading out early with the kids in an attempt to beat any holiday weekend traffic and Doug is riding his bike over the hill and meeting us there. The weather is perfect, but Reece’s tummy was a little upset yesterday, so fingers crossed he’s on the mend so we can enjoy the day there.

Here’s a rundown of what my workouts looked like this week:

Mon: Strength  – Teach Pilates

Tues: OFF – Active rest day hiking with the kids and Ellie

Wed: Strength – Teach Pilates

Thurs: Cardio – 20 min treadmill Intervals + 30 min steady

Fri: Strength + Cardio – Total body kettlebell and jumprope circuit + run to the park and run back with the stroller

Sat: Cardio – 30 minute Stairmaster intervals

Sun: OFF

I’d like to share my treadmill interval workout with you because it’s one of my favorites for a good calorie burn. I can’t take credit for it because I read it in a magazine several years ago, but I don’t remember which one! You can do it on its own or pair it with steady state cardio like I did.

calorie-blasting treadmill interval workout

Let me know what you think if you give it a try!

If you’re looking for something to grill for the holiday tomorrow, why not cauliflower? I like to use purple or orange because they’re so pretty, but any color will do.

Grilled purple cauliflower

I topped mine with lemon Awesome Sauce that I bought at the farmer’s market, which was a fun change (The Fitnessista posted a recipe for a similar almond-based dip, which you could also try), but it’s also delicious with just some salt, pepper and lemon.


1 head cauliflower of choice
olive oil
salt and pepper


Grill Pan


Cut cauliflower in half and cut out stem. Slice cauliflower into one-inch thick steaks. Likely, the middle will stay together and the outer slices will break into florets. Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place on grill pan and grill 7-10 minutes per side or until charred. Remove from grill and squeeze lemon all over. Enjoy!

What are your plans for the rest of the holiday weekend?

What are you cooking tomorrow?

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