This Week’s Workouts + Easter + WINNER

Good morning! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit. We were away for a long weekend in gold country, enjoying family time for Easter.

mother-in-law and baby Emme on Easter
Emme and my mother-in-law at the Easter egg hunt

Doug did a 100K big group ride while we were there and won the time trial for the second year in a row. This comes the weekend after placing second in the cross country mountain bike race at the Sea Otter Classic. All this when he claims to be out of shape!

At the start Mr Frog's Wild Ride Murphy's

Last week’s workouts were hit and miss thanks to packing and then heading out of town Thursday night. I don’t tend to workout a lot while I’m on vacation, but I do try to fit in little bits here and there.

Monday: Strength + Cardio – Leg day (heavy weights!) + 15 min steady stair master

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Strength – Teach Pilates (my legs were still aching, so getting through the booty burner was hard work!)

Thursday: OFF

Friday: OFF

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: Cardio РOutdoor run/walk 50 min (running at altitude up hills is no joke! Needless to say, there was a lot of walking. Plus a stop to swing at a park near a lake and clear my head because swinging does a better job of that for me than any run could.)

Not all of my off days were completely off, though. There were still some planks in there (although I’ve been slacking on my plank-a-day April challenge) and I did a few stretchy band exercises here and there. I’ll be bringing you a good stretchy band workout routine soon!

It was a fun weekend away with Doug’s parents and grandparents. ¬†Having four generations together is always nice, especially during a holiday. I’m so glad Emme and Reece get so much family time.

Great Grandpa and baby Emme on Easter
Emme with her great grandpa at the egg hunt
Great Grandpa and Reece walking
Reece walking back from dinner with his great grandpa

Emme was pretty much the cutest thing ever in her little Easter dress.
Emme toddler Easter dress in the woods

One of the most fun things about being a parent is getting to play the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. Hearing Reece exclaim, “Look! The Easter Bunny came!” when he saw the Easter baskets as he walked downstairs in the morning was the best.

I was glad that even though we focused mostly on Easter bunnies and egg hunts this weekend (we didn’t go to church since we were away), Reece still understood something about the real meaning of Easter, which he expressed with some questions about Jesus. Although we are definitely believers, we don’t make going to church as much of a priority as we probably should, so Reece’s questions made me not feel like a complete failure in this area. Another post for another time, I’m sure.

**And now that I’ve made you scroll all the way down through pictures of my cute kids, the winner of a copy of Carry On Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton is Rachel. Congratulations!**

How did you all enjoy your Easter weekend?


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