This Week’s Workouts and Weekend Pics

Family, friend and beach time took priority over workouts this week, so I got them done when I could and didn’t get in as much strength as I would have liked. I still got in four days of exercise, just no strength other than Pilates, and I usually like to mix it up with weights. Here’s what this week looked like:

Mon: OFF (for the beach!)

Tues: Strength – Teach Pilates

Wed: Strength – Teach Pilates

Thurs: Cardio – Treadmill Intervals

Fri: OFF – Active rest — Family hike

Saturday: Cardio – Outdoor run 3.75 miles + Chin ups and calf raises

Sunday – OFF

Almost every day also included a plank. I made up for the day or two I missed by holding a four-minute plank one day.

On Saturday, I felt a little torn because I wanted to get in some strength, but thought going for a run would be more stress-relieving since I was feeling overwhelmed with taxes still to do and blog posts I need to write.

Somehow I need to figure out how to manage my time better so this blog is not taking up every extra minute.


It was Doug’s Friday off (he gets every other Friday off), so our weekend started on Friday. We usually reserve his Fridays off for family days, so going on a family hike took priority over working out that morning.

hiking with kids Almaden

We went for a short hike in the Almaden hills and even took Capri this time.

hike with the dog Almaden

Pretty views over there. And I’m feeling pretty good about how my back is shaping up.

Almaden Hills View strong back

Emme was not in the mood for walking, so this is how we spent a lot of the hike, since I hadn’t brought the carrier along:

Almaden hike Emme on shoulders

Ultimately, we still had a good time and the kids enjoyed exploring.

kids in tree stump hiking

Emme in rock hole hiking

me kids hiking big rock Almaden

I love that Reece is always upset when the hike is over because he wants to explore more. I see a camping trip in our future so that exploring can happen all day!

Saturday marked Reece’s first tee ball practice.

Reece YMCA Tee Ball first day

It was cute to see all the little kids out there. Reece had a good time at first, but then didn’t seem to enjoy it so much after that. He acted as if he had never held a bat or hit a ball off a tee before. He said he had fun, though. We’ll see how he does next time. At this age, I just want him to have fun with it and he’s so cute out there, I hope he likes going.

Today we had a birthday party for one of Reece’s friends since birth. She’s the first of his little group of friends to turn four and one by one, the rest of them will follow. It’s with her birthday each year that we’re reminded of how big they are getting so fast.

4-year-old birthday party friends since birth

How did you enjoy your weekend?

What part of your body is shaping up nicely this week?


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