Ultimate Coffee Date August

It’s a beautiful summer morning It’s a cool and overcast California summer morning (I was optimistic when I wrote this), so let’s meet outside at a coffee shop today as we wait for it to burn off. I’ll jog over with Emme in the Bumbleride and since I’ll probably be hot and sweaty by the time I get there, I’ll order something iced. An iced Americano, just a touch sweetened, should get this day started right.

If we were having coffee today I would tell you that…

I love my new flat sandals I got at Target for just $16 on clearance. I wore them to walk about 1.5 miles to an outdoor concert and back last night and my feet didn’t hurt at all.

new flat sandals from Target

I need to figure out how to get more sleep. Emme is sleeping through til a decent hour now, but I keep pushing my bedtime out later and later. It’s both due to my writing process (also known as procrastination) and trying to make time for reading real books. I love reading again since it’s been so long since I made time for it, but sacrificing a decent bedtime isn’t working.

I’ve started acne meds again and I’m not happy about it. I’d really rather not be on acne medication for my whole life. I’ve done some reading and I’m all about natural remedies, but at a point it’s not worth it to me. Giving up dairy may have helped a little (although it was hard to tell if it was that or other things and I’m eating it again now), eating a diet with less starch and drinking bone broth can all help, especially if combined. But I don’t really think it’s worth it if I have to do all those things. This is all very frustrating, especially as I approach my 32 birthday, which is long after I thought I’d be done dealing with acne.

Reece has been on vacation with my in laws all week and while I do miss him, I’m enjoying having the one-on-one girl time with Emme.

mommy daughter walking with scarves on
She wanted to wear one of my scarves on our walk because I was wearing one.

we used a real, paid babysitter for the first time ever last week so I could go to BlogHer on Friday and then needed her again this week. It’s unusual that everyone who normally can watch the kids for me was unavailable, but it does happen sometimes. The closest I’d come before to using a babysitter was dropping the kids off for a few hours with my friend’s nanny, but this is the first time I had one come to our house. Everything went well and it was a friend’s daughter who the kids already know and love. The fact that Doug drove her home made it feel official for some reason. I think it’s because I remember my parents picking up my babysitters and bringing them back home. It’s one of those things that makes you feel more like a parent.

This post up is part of the Ultimate Coffee date co-hosted by Jill, Lynda and Nikki. Head on over to have a virtual coffee with more bloggers.

What did you order to drink–hot or iced?

Anything you’d like to share?

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  • Cute shoes! Congrats on making the leap to using a sitter. It’s so important to have some me time and teach your child that you will come back to them. It’s hard at first though huh? Nice having coffee today

    • We leave our kids with people all the time, it’s just usually family and friends. We know the importance of having adult time! 🙂 Using a paid sitter is a new thing for us.

  • This time I’ll order my coffee hot. Love the sandals and such a great deal! Thanks for meeting me for coffee! It was great to catch up!

    • In reality, I started my morning with a hot cappuccino at home. The scenario in my post only happened in my daydream. 🙂

  • I can remember the first time I used a sitter- I felt like I had graduated as a parent! Cute sandals by the way- Target always as deals. Happy Sunday!

  • Joining for a Sunday coffee date 😉 But want a real coffee date soon!! Cute sandals and even cuter when they’re under $20. Emme with your scarf is adorable! As to coffee I’ve been enjoying the fact that Blue Bottle is right down the street from us, their New Orleans Iced is delicious! After a fun packed week, I’m enjoying a low key day (still in my PJs), savoring the overcast day and watching the boats in the marina!!

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