Vacationing in Seattle WITHOUT KIDS

At long last I have sort of semi figured out the new Photos on my Mac and can finally share about our trip. It may have taken me way longer than normal to get the pictures from our phones to our computer to this blog, but I made it happen, so hopefully the next time will go more smoothly. Bring back iPhoto!

Back to Seattle…

This was our first trip without the kids. We’ve had an night or two here and there without them, but not a true vacation. When friends of ours got engaged and announced their wedding would be in their hometown of Seattle, my in laws graciously offered to take the kids for a week, so we could enjoy the area for more than just the wedding itself.

Aside from when my husband was a kid, neither of us had ever spent time up there and we were looking forward to exploring the area.

Fortunately, as is always a bonus when visiting somewhere, we have other friends who live up there too, so between that and the wedding events, we were able to experience a little more of the area than we might have otherwise.

Our first morning without the kids started out EARLY. Thank goodness for Peet’s Coffee at the airport.Tired at San Jose Airport

We were dressed for the city, me with makeup and everything even with our 4:45am cab ride, so that we could be ready to explore the city right when we arrived.

But first, more coffee. Good thing our hotel near Pike’s Place Market had us covered!

Bear latte
Coffee from Moore Coffee at the Moore Hotel

We hit the city, starting with the market since it was so close.

Pike Place Market Selfie

Then walked all the way down through Pioneer Square, past many more coffee places (tempted to stop at each one!) and then back up to Seattle Center.

So. Much. Walking.


After checking out Chihuly Garden and Glass next to the Space Needle, my feet had had enough. My Toms wedge booties are comfy and I thought they could handle it, but instead resulted in a pretty new blister. :/ So we hopped on the monorail back to our hotel where I changed into my Target sandals, which can actually handle a lot.

We then took a bus to explore the Ballard neighborhood, which is very cute and town-like, and enjoy more coffee.

Stirring Sugar in Espresso

Just an espresso this time, served properly with a glass of sparkling water.

We walked down to the Ballard locks, watched a few boats go from Lake Union into Puget Sound. This was actually pretty neat because I’d never seen this before and had a hard time visualizing it until now.

Then it was time to hop on another bus over to Delancey!!!


I put lots of exclamation points there because after reading the book, I’d been so excited to eat here. I highly recommend the book for any foodie–especially pizza foodies–as it was really interesting to read this couple’s journey opening a restaurant and the whole process they went through perfecting their pizza.

Delancey Appetizer

It was delicious and I loved that they list the source of their ingredients on the back of the menu.

Delancey Ingredients

The next day, we headed out early to beat the crowd at the Space Needle. Unfortunately, typical Seattle drizzles had set in, so we didn’t have as clear of a view. It was still fun, though.

Top of the Space Needle

Then we wandered around the shopping area near or hotel and tried out yet another coffee place.

Voxx Coffee

For lunch, we met up with a friend in the Fremont neighborhood for some delicious sushi. He then introduced us to the Fremont Troll that hangs out under a bridge over there.


We grabbed some coffee at a coffee shop Dave Matthews frequents (didn’t see him) and then headed to Theo Chocolates for a tour.

Theo Chocolate Tour

This was actually really interesting, even if we did have to wear hairnets.

Hairnets at Theo Chocolate

We loaded up on chocolate samples, even some tastes of the not fully processed variety, and then purchased a whole bunch of chocolate, including some not available in stores. Basil ganache, anyone?


That night we headed out for a harbor tour, which was a good way to enjoy a pre-dinner drink and learn more about the city. Turns out Seattle has less than average rainfall compared to the rest of the country and the cloudy day was actually pretty unusual weather for summer. Who knew?


Dinner that night was at an Italian restaurant recommended by friends and after that we were ready to put our feet up.

Just before closing my eyes for the night, I felt a telltale little scratch in my throat and crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t turn into anything.

Sadly, the next morning I woke up with my throat hurting even more. It didn’t help that there was construction going on across the street all night long, making sleep difficult. We walked down to Target to purchase cough drops and cold medicine to power through the big wedding day, passing a construction worker who apologized for the all night noise when he saw us exit the hotel.

I was super excited to get all dressed up and wear heels and I wasn’t going to let the start of a cold bring me down. The wedding was hands down the most fun one we’ve ever been to, starting out at a beautiful Catholic church, then a short walk through the city down to the ferry with the bride and groom and all their guests,

That back, though.

followed by a ferry ride party over to Bainbridge Island where the reception was held on the lawn of the groom’s family home.


Lots of dancing, good beer and food truck pizza and tacos.

Flip flops for favors so that female guests didn’t sink their heels into the grass. 🙂


We got in late, but had a better night sleep thanks to no more construction and I managed to pull it together for another fun day with some waffles and coffee from our hotel, topped with cold meds and cough drops. 🙂

Not pictured are the chorizo waffles, bacon waffles and apple cinnamon waffles that we also enjoyed during our stay.

Pretty Coffee at Moore Hotel

We took a bus out of the city to meet up with our friends Brad and Kelly who we hadn’t seen in years (other than at Sushi the other day) and went for a hike in the gorgeous, damp Pacific Northwest Greenery. I cannot believe they live right there in this gorgeousness.


It was drizzly this day too, but fun to experience the Seattle weather. Plus, it made for a cooler hike and everything smelled so fresh.

This is the difference between someone with straight hair and someone with curly hair–gotta keep covered to keep the frizzies down!


It was fun to see their home and catch up, but most of all I enjoyed our personal tour of the Umber Dove studio. You see, Kelly is an extremely talented artist who makes magic in this studio, mostly in the form of jewelry. I felt honored to be in this space and see how she creates all this beauty.

After a late lunch and coffee, we headed back into the city wear I pretty much collapsed on the bed. I had held it together pretty well and was glad I had gotten out that day, but now my body was feeling it. Doug ran out for some pho that I enjoyed in bed before Nyquiling up. It was nice to fall asleep knowing there would be no children waking me up in the middle of the night or early in the morning, so that I could rest up.

Monday my cold was in full swing, so I spent most of the day in bed. After sleeping in, showering and then sleeping some more, I decided a little fresh air would do me good, so we took the bus up to Capitol Hill where we enjoyed more coffee and then ramen for lunch.


The spicy miso broth was just what I needed. After lunch, we stopped at a tea place where we sat for a big while I enjoyed the healing tea. Then, back on the bus to our hotel where I collapsed on the bed again.

All the spicy soup and healing tea seemed to do me good because I woke up feeling a little better on our last day. It was a beautiful day, so we headed down to Pike Place Market again and were happy to catch a glimpse of Mt Ranier finally.


Have I mentioned yet how gorgeous the flowers are everywhere in this city?


I was happy for such a gorgeous last day, but sad we never got to stand up paddle board on Lake Union like we had wanted. That just means we’ll have to go again!

Another walk through Pioneer Square, plus a stop for coffee and we were ready to head to the airport.

Coffee Pioneer Square

In the airport, there was a huge wall of windows, so we sat in the sun with, you guessed it–more coffee.Seattle Airport

Even with my cold, we had a fun vacation with just the two of us. Looking forward to visiting Seattle again!

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  • I love this! Glad you had a nice kid-free Vacay! I love Seattle. My husband and I were there when I was about 21 weeks pregnant. We never had a bad meal. The food was so good! We ate at another pizza place that was featured on the show, The Best Thing I ever Ate, and it really was incredible pizza, but I forget the name of the place. Oh we ate at the restaurant on top of the space needle and I felt real motion sickness even though I’m not usually sick on a boat. Maybe it was because I was pregnant lol.

  • Wow you guys did so much cool stuff! I’m hoping to make it up there sooner than later as my best friend just had her second baby. That’s a good reason to go tour the town again 🙂

  • Hi Laura! I found your blog on the IDEA Inspired Bloggers page and I just HAD to comment on this post. Did you guys stay at the Moore Hotel? How did you like it? I was JUST there in June for a work conference and stayed there, with the little owl coffees and all! Aren’t they cute? The Pike Place Market is amazing, too. I remember such great produce, really neat paintings and of course, the fish. So good! Looks like you guys had a great time! Anyway, just popping by to say hello and I’m enjoying your blog here. Awesome stuff! 🙂

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