Celebrating Our 11th Valentine Anniversary At Disneyland

This year we celebrated our 11th Valentine anniversary a little less traditionally by making it all about our kids and spending the day in Disneyland.

and they lived happily ever after

We chose to do this because one of my very best friends who lives halfway across the country was in southern California for the weekend, so the only logical thing to do was pack up the family and make the 6-hour drive to see her.

We went to LA for more than just the weekend, starting our vacation on Wednesday to enjoy time with the great grandparents, who we stayed with, and at the beach. We couldn’t have picked a better week to go down there because the weather was even warmer than usual.


Our troop of three 4-year-olds and two 2-year-olds turned into quite the sandy mess at the beach and there was more whining than you might expect at a place that deems itself the happiest on earth.


Taking a rest in the shade, minus one

Although Saturday didn’t feel quite like an anniversary and not even much like Valentine’s Day, it was still a fun vacation and I’m glad we could make it work.



We spent the whole day at California Adventure so that we could see the things we thought were most important to the kids–Cars Land and Frozen Fun.



The Disney Jr characters were a hit too.



There was the bonus that California Adventure sells beer, which was much needed to make it through some of that craziness. 🙂 Bonus points for having a Starbucks, so I could still get my afternoon caffeine fix!

You might also be expecting me to include my workouts in this post, but I’m not one for working out on vacation unless it involves walking while sightseeing, so there isn’t much to write about other than a couple of Pilates classes and one cardio session before our trip. I’d be curious to know how many steps I walked at Disneyland, though, because I think that definitely counts as a workout this week!

Hope your Valentine’s Day was a happy one too! You can check out last year’s Valentine’s day posts here and here for a more typical romantic celebration.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


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