This Week in Workouts: Stroller Running

You wouldn’t know we were feeling under the weather by looking at my workouts for the week, but we definitely have not been 100%.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: Take Pilates + 1 mile jog
Tuesday: Take Pilates + 2-mile stroller push run to the post office + stroller push jog around the neighborhood
Wednesday: Take Pilates and Teach Pilates + stroller push jog around the neighborhood
Thursday: 3-mile stroller push run
Friday: 2-mile stroller push jog/walk
Saturday: Total body circuit + 20 min stationary bike HIIT
Sunday: Take Pilates

Even when Reece was sick, I couldn’t keep him off his bike, I just tried to limit him to a mile or just around the neighborhood. I love how it’s helping me get in more cardio and it’s fun when we ride to destinations like coffee or the park. Even when he’s at preschool, I’ve been running around with Emme in the stroller to do errands instead of taking the car. She seems to be happy just tagging along for the ride as long as she picks a toy to take in the stroller with her.

Stroller run to Santana Row
Neither of them look very excited in this picture, but it was a good run/ride!

Depending on Reece’s mood and the terrain, I either end up running or a jogging/walking. For instance, we tried a trail ride at a park the other day and there were too many uphills for him to handle on his little bike, so there was a lot more walking. I might even consider that an active rest day rather than a real workout day. Let’s just say we’ll be sticking with flat surfaces until he gets a bike upgrade.

It felt great to do something other than Pilates and running on Saturday with a total-body circuit workout and stationary bike HIIT. You may know that I never listen to music when working out, but I do watch TV when I’m doing cardio. Well on Saturday I picked the bike closest to the room where there was a circuit training class going on, so I got to listen to their music. It really pumped up the “on” portions of my HIIT workout, so I think I might be missing out by not listening to anything most of the time.

I managed to get in a workout everyday last week, which I’m glad about because I know my schedule will be packed this week, making it hard to get in many workouts at all.

How often do you run with a jogging stroller?

What’s you favorite music to listen to while working out?

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  • I’ve fully converted to listening to music, instead of watching tv, when treadmill running. Anything upbeat and fast! It helps me push harder and faster and helps keep me motivated, especially during sprinting intervals.

    Jogging stroller time is whenever I get a chance to, but not near as frequently as it used to be when they were all babies- then it was my sanity!

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