This Week in Workouts: Trying the Hybrid Stationary Bike

I’m coming at you today from one of my favorite coffee shops where I’m enjoying a double cappuccino from a real cup and a slice of banana bread–a pretty great way to spend an afternoon without kids! My little munchkins are in good hands at GramGram and Gramps’ house and I’m thoroughly enjoying my solo afternoon.

The kids and I were sick earlier in the week, so I took a couple of days off from teaching Pilates. I was feeling well enough to get in some exercise during nap time, though.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Cardio + Strength — 5 rounds Tabata, including one round upper body strength
Wednesday: Strength/Flexibility — Pilates
Thursday: Strength/Flexibility — Pilates
Friday: Strength/Flexibility + Cardio — Pilates + 20 min intervals Hybrid Stationary Bike
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Strength — BodyPump

I was planning on doing big cardio on Saturday, but when a friend suggested going to check out tide pools with the kids, that sounded better. Two rest days is nice to have anyway.

Me eating seaweed snack at Natural Bridges Santa Cruz

What I really want to tell you about is the hybrid stationary bike I tried for my cardio at the gym on Friday. I find regular stationary bikes uncomfortable, so I’d been intrigued by the odd looking bike that had a full seat, but wasn’t a recumbent.

Matrix hybrid stationary bike with upright seat


When I first sat down, I thought I felt way too comfortable to get in a good workout. Twenty sweaty minutes later and that machine proved me wrong. I was comfortable the whole time while getting in a good, sweaty interval workout, as proved by the pools of sweat on the armrests under my elbows (TMI?).

I also enjoyed that I wasn’t bouncing around on it like every other type of cardio machine, making it easy to watch TV and read on my phone. Usually the latter activity is an indication of a lazy workout because how can you check your phone and run at the same time? You can’t without slowing it down.

I’m glad I finally tried out the hybrid stationary bike after seeing it there for so long. It can be scary to try an unfamiliar machine, but now I’m happy to have a new activity to add to my rotation.

Have you seen or tried a hybrid stationary bike?

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Comments 5

  • I haven’t seen one yet, but I love they idea! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them soon!

  • Oooo, I haven’t seen the hybrid one yet! I sometimes use the regular bike when I’m really into a book and want to multi-task my reading/free time/cardio. (Though the seat is not all that fun!)

    • The hybrid bike would be great for reading, I think! I’m impressed that you can read on a regular bike! I find more than just the seat to be uncomfortable–I don’t like the position a regular stationary bike puts me in. I find myself leaning forward for the handlebars on the sprints and then sitting upright to give myself a break during recovery. One isn’t more comfortable than the other, it just helps to switch it up.

  • People of all fitness levels can benefit from a strong cardio workout when riding stationary bikes. Beginners often start out using a stationary bike because they can ride it at a comfortable speed without having to worry about straining their muscles. As your skill level increases, you can add tension for the feeling of riding uphill or speed. Someone at an advanced fitness level may ride with both high tension and speed for an optimum workout.

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