Weekend Adventures and Pictures

It’s been awhile since I checked in on here and since we had a few fun adventures, I thought it was a good opportunity to share a weekend post again.

About a month ago, Doug thought it would be fun to purchase some model rockets to work on with Reece and then launch them somewhere. He didn’t realize until after purchasing them that model rocket launches are very restricted in California because they are a potential fire hazard.

He and Reece enjoyed their time putting the rockets together and painting them, but then there was the issue of where to shoot it off. After a little research, he found out that there is a club that holds launches once a month at Moffett Field–an Air Force Base in the SF Bay Area. As it turns out, the last launch they were holding at this location was this weekend, so luckily we were able to go because otherwise we’d have to drive quite a bit further to participate in a launch.

Rocket launch Moffett Field

We skipped our usual lazy Saturday morning and headed up to Moffett field with our three rockets, both kids excited to launch them. It was pretty cool being on the Air Force base and seeing the massive hangar up close when I’d only seen it from afar driving by on the freeway.

Rocket launch Moffett Field

Rocket launch Moffett Field

It was a good thing we got there first thing because the line to set up your rocket was LONG after a little while. They had launch pads for 30 rockets and launched them one at a time, plus we had to wait for an inspection of our rockets before setting them up.

Reece excitedly launched the first two without too much waiting and Emme was wowed by the rockets shooting overhead. After that the line to go again had grown. Emme wanted a turn to launch and we still had another rocket to try, so wait we did. Forever and ever and ever. To give you an idea, we were there for three hours and launched just four rockets.

rocket launch Moffett Field
Forever long line

The kids held out surprisingly well during the wait even though they were obviously extremely bored. When it was finally their turns, they both enjoyed the excitement of pushing the launch button.

model rocket launch
5, 4, 3, 2, 1!


We were all more than done after that, so we treated ourselves to some Pinkberry and park time to release some energy and just have some fun. I’m glad we did it and the kids will have good memories from it, but I don’t think we’ll ever do it again.

Other than that adventure, our big excitement of the weekend was that Emme learned how to ride her two-wheel pedal bike all by herself! You may remember that she received a pedal bike for Christmas. Even though we knew she was a little young, we wanted her to receive a bike as a big present for the holiday so that she could have it to practice. She hadn’t taken to it much until this weekend, so I was shocked when she got a few spins in on her own at the park on Saturday. You can check out that video on Instagram if you haven’t already. We were so impressed!

Fast forward to today and she was on a roll, quite literally! Doug being the cyclist that he is was a great teacher and she just took off going for much longer than yesterday. At one point, she even looked at me and exclaimed, “This is fun!” Then at bedtime she proclaimed that she likes riding her pedal bike more than her balance bike, but she’ll still ride her balance bike for longer distances for now. She’s only three years and four months old, so it’s really amazing how these balance bikes teach them to ride so young!

3-year-old on two wheel bike
Get it, Emme!

This girl’s been on-the-go from the start so it should really be no surprise that she’d get this so soon. What a great way to celebrate the first day of spring!

In other news, Reece’s reading is really taking off and I love how he reads words all around us now, on signs, on labels on everything. Tonight I had him read me a book before bed, “so I can relax and settle down before bed” I told him, and he proudly read me this cute golf book all cozied up with blankets. Emme is extremely impatient for his slow reading, but I love hearing him work through all the words.

Hope you had a wonderful first weekend! How did you spend your first day of spring?

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