Pictures from the Weekend and a Fig Appetizer

It’s Monday morning, rise and shine! Well, for you west coasters anyway.

The kids went to bed late and were up by six, so they plopped down in front of the iPad while I had my first cup of coffee. Usually they get one TV show in the morning, but Reece chose the iPad over TV today and Emme was happy enough just watching him use it.

Doug had his guitar out in the living room since we’re lending it to a friend and Emme requested a song so she can dance. Check out her moves!

So yeah, that was our morning.

Our weekend was an enjoyable mix of relaxation and fun. We kicked it off by visiting Doug for coffee at work on Friday afternoon and then spent the remainder of the day playing with neighborhood kids, finishing the night with an impromptu dinner at a neighbor’s house. I put together a quick fig appetizer to bring over.

fig blue cheese and balsamic vinegar appetizer
Top figs with blue cheese (or gorgonzola or brie), broil until melted and finish with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. You have fancy-looking appetizer in minutes!

Saturday, Doug and I both got exercise in the morning (65 mile bike ride for him and gym for me) and then we spent the rest of the day just hanging around and spending time at a neighbor’s party.

Emme using a big kid swing
She insisted on using the big swing

Sunday was really the highlight of our weekend because we went up to Oakland to visit Ellie and G at their new place.


Walking in Oakland

We enjoyed a nice lunch and walked along the water.

Me and Emme Lunch at Forge Jack London Square

Emme at lunch at Forge Jack London Square

binoculars in Oakland

Followed by coffee at Blue Bottle.

Blue Bottle Coffee Oakland

It was fun spending time in the city with the kids and Ellie and I even got some time to ourselves with wine while the men took the kiddos to the park.

A dinner of small plates ended our evening, plus strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

small plates for dinnerHave a marvelous Monday!

How did you enjoy your weekend?

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