Weekend Pics and Good Reads

Good morning! The time change is pretty great over here. I love it being light out later and Emme waking up at 6:30 instead of 5:30 even though Emme didn’t get the memo to sleep until 6:30 again today. Near-80 degree weather has made it seem like summer this weekend. I’ll take it!

Some pics from our marvelous weekend (linking up with Marvelous in My Monday over at Healthy Diva Eats):

baby girl eating pizza
Double fisting her pizza
Emme sitting on her dog
Using Capri as a chair
poached eggs on whole wheat toast
Poached eggs on toast
toddler seat on bike
Emme and Doug riding a bike
helping daddy work on bike
Reece helping fill a bike tire with air
Riding on the bike seat with daddy
Reece’s last bike ride on this seat. He’s too big for it now!
little boy playing with snails
Playing with a few snail friends
grilling pollo asada
Grilling for tacos. See the shadow of me drinking a beer?
Ice cream smiles
Ice cream smiles
Family ice cream trip
Celebrating the warm weather with ice cream at Mission City Creamery

Now for the Good Reads:


Pace is Like Age, It’s Just a Number – “A 12-minute mile is just as far as a 6 minute mile.”

Nasty Workout Habits That Ruin Your Skin

Food & Nutrition

How to Stick to a Diet *Video* – My latest with Calio.

8 Reasons to Sip on Coffee – Caffeine definitely gives me a boost before a workout. I also definitely notice a difference in my mood after having an afternoon cup of coffee and it was especially noticeable when I was fighting depression when Reece was a newborn.

Confessions of an Intuitive Eater – I’ve only recently come across the phrase “intuitive eater” and the more I read about it, the more I think this is how I’ve been eating for years now. Just without putting a label on it.

9 Tips for Shopping at Whole Foods on a Budget – It’s the gourmet items that kill my budget every time. So much fun stuff there!

15 Food Porn Recipes That Are Good for You – I so wanted to have an avocado with my poached eggs this morning thanks to this recipe, but our wasn’t ripe enough yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Skinny or Fat? Solving the Great Asparagus Divide with Seven Recipes – I always go for mine skinny! And I have never peeled an asparagus before, even the fat ones.

Cauliflower “Tater” Tots – I’ve got to try these! I definitely have a thing for tater tots.


This Infographic Reveals the Secrets of the Happiest Couples – I think it’s pretty amusing that marital satisfaction goes down after kids and during the preschool years. These little boogers are hard work!

World War II Veteran Honored by Runners – This heartwarming story happened in my area.


Dear Society: Boys Can Cry Too – Reece has sometimes been saying things like “ninjas don’t cry” lately (in case you haven’t heard, he’s totally a ninja). I’m not sure where he’s getting it from, but I am trying to counteract it by telling him that it’s normal for people to cry when they’re sad and that everyone cries sometimes.

Tell me about your good reads this week or just share a favorite blog post of yours with the rest of us!

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