Weekend Update and Good Reads…or Lack Thereof

In the interest of bringing you more quality posts, Good Reads is another one (like Friday Faves) that might show up less frequently from here on out. I promise to let you know of any must reads elsewhere, such as on Facebook, Twitter or even other posts. It was a busy week, so I didn’t really keep track of what I read…or didn’t read for that matter.

The only “read” I want to share is this sweet video in honor of World Downs Syndrome Day last week. 

As far as our weekend, it was simple, but enjoyable (aside from a trip to the ER as a result of a bike crash. Everyone’s ok, but that moment when I get a phone call from Doug in the middle of a ride just fills me with dread).

My Friday night meal idea for Thai peanut salmon burgers once again came from Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean (you may remember her yummy flatbread we tried a couple Fridays ago). I used a bottle of Trader Joe’s spicy peanut dressing we had on hand instead of sticking with her recipe and just doctored it up. Cilantro would’ve been a nice addition too!

On Saturday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday and enjoyed an impromptu barbecue (the best kind) with some neighbors.

blowing out candles with papa on his birthday

Sunday, we tried out Forest on First, a new “play cafe” in Los Altos. Doug played inside with the kids on the treehouse while I worked on a special guest post for another blog (posts tomorrow!). The healthy green smoothie was really good and the play area was fun for the kids. That is until the big kids showed up and kinda ruined it for my little guys.

Blogging at Forest on First

I picked some of our (many, many) roses from the yard to make a pretty spot of color on our kitchen table.

roses from the yard

And my hands are definitely feeling all those kettlebell workouts I’ve been doing lately! Check out yesterday’s post for the workout I’ve been doing!

the result of lots of kettlebell work

How was your weekend? 

Tell me about your good reads this week, since obviously I missed a lot!

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  • http://www.theatlantic.com/features/archive/2014/03/hey-parents-leave-those-kids-alone/358631/ It is quite the lengthy read, and I’m still mulling over what exactly I think. It is a rather fascinating discussion/article about “The Overprotected Child” and what they does/doesn’t look like.

    • I read that! It was very long, but really interesting. I think I prefer taking my kids out hiking and exploring vs a playground such as this. It is good for them to manipulate things, but branches, rocks and other things are good for that. Also, I was skeptical about the fire thing, but then once I found out it is technically supervised, it’s not so crazy. So the adults are there, they just keep out of it. It’s like how I’ve been doing my best not to say things like “be careful!” to Reece and just let him do his thing.

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