A Weekend Without Daddy

Doug was away at Lake Tahoe all weekend on a “man-cation” bike riding trip, so it was a weekend with just me and the kids.

Checkout these cool pics from his rides:

Riding uphill Tahoe Mancation

Tahoe Flume Trail

Impressive, eh?

On Friday, the kids and I had lunch with my mother-in-law and then Ellie came over that night for cheese, wine and other goodies.

Wine with cheese plate, salami, olives
OMG, in LOVE with Cowgirl Creamery’s brie!

Saturday I made it to the gym to lift heavy things and sweat a lot, which was much needed, and then headed to Trader Joe’s to pick up a few things that Costco couldn’t provide, including many pumpkin items.

Reece holding giant brussels sprouts stalk at trader joe's
Those Brussels sprouts look like they could be from Costco, though! You may have seen this pic on Instagram

After nap, which was preceded by sibling snuggles,

Brother sister hugs and snuggles

we met up with my dad for some fun. One of our city’s fire stations was having an open house, so we headed there with to take a tour and let the kids play on the fire truck.

Kids on firetruck
No, Emme’s outfit is not off-the-shoulder, it just refuses to stay on her shoulders! 🙂

You can tell they enjoyed it just a little.

Reece on firetruck

We finished the evening by heading out for Chinese food (Panda Express actually has some surprisingly healthy options as far as being high in produce and low in calories and fat–another good place for a healthy kid’s menu…just don’t ask me about the ingredients because I haven’t looked into it that much) and ice cream.

Sunday we went for a run/bike ride around the cemetery and welcomed daddy home enthusiastically in the evening. We ended with dinner outside at our neighbors’, enjoying the nice night this heat wave brought us.

Doug being gone the whole weekend also meant that I maybe went a little too long without showering one day, didn’t make the bed until the day he returned and stayed up way too late every night because I don’t like going to bed alone.

All-in-all a good weekend and the kids didn’t even drive me too crazy. 🙂

How did you enjoy your weekend?

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