A Very Autumn in California Weekend

The mornings may feel cool and fall-like, but the day screams summertime. We kept the summer fun going this weekend with lots of grilling, dining al fresco and pool time.

However, we started the weekend with a very autumn-in-California activity: grape harvest.

wine grapes

My dad has a backyard vineyard, so every year I bring Reece over to “help” pick a few grapes. Mostly it’s to get cute pictures. đŸ™‚

Reece grape harvest 2011
Harvest 2011 with 17-month-old Reece

Emme has yet to participate since we were in France last year and this year she was spending the night at my in laws’ . There weren’t a lot of grapes because of the drought, so by the time we got over there in the morning, they were done picking. I still got a couple of cute pictures, though.

Reece grape harvest 2014

overlooking the backyard vineyard

Saturday it was back to summer again with a pool day and grilled dinner with friends. Might as well take advantage of the weather instead of being sad it doesn’t feel like fall yet. It only took me a little more than a decade to accept that California fall isn’t in full swing until November.

We also spent lots of time with Reece on the bike. He’s been riding his pedal bike for awhile, but always nervous of falling and only comfortable with lots of space, just riding down the block in the middle of the street.

This week something clicked. One day we were at a park and he was not comfortable riding on the narrow trail there, but the very next day he was riding all over the place, on the narrow sidewalk, starting on his own and everything. It was so fun to watch him take off like that. Now we can’t stop him and he can go for miles.

stroller run and bike ride to Starbucks
Riding/jogging to Starbucks for treats to celebrate–3 miles total.

Good timing too, since he’ll be ready for a bigger bike by the time Christmas is here.

His legs were tired after the Starbucks run, but we pushed on to the further away park at his request and had some more fun over there.

Reece and Emme playing at the park

What was risky about this venture was that I had no snacks with me. My kids are hungry all the freaking time, so I was a bit nervous about not having any provisions for the ride home once they were done playing at the park.

Emme playing with sand at the parkI expected both to be screaming all the way home, carrying the bike and maybe even Reece while pushing the stroller. It actually worked out surprisingly well and there were no tempter tantrums or complaints about having to ride the bike home. It’s always amazing to me when things actually work out as I hoped.

Reece looking contemplative at the parkFamily friends were in town, so we ended with a delicious-as-always dinner at our friends’ Italian restaurant TerĂºn, which recently featured in the New York Times (the eggplant polpette and house-made cavatelli were winners with the kids). Perfect way to end the weekend!

How did you enjoy your weekend?

What’s the weather been like where you live?

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Comments 14

  • No snacks with you! That is a very brave move!

    It’s getting too cold for my liking in NJ- had the heat on in the car for this morning’s school drop off. Our weekend was filled with lots of park and playground time- in lots of layers!

  • When we lived in the Bay Area, I remember September and October as my favorite months, weather wise, because it was the warmest (without being too warm) and the days were just beautiful. How cool that your dad has a backyard vineyard. Is it just a hobby or does he sell his wine, too?

    After a snow scare on Thursday night (it got down to 34F!) here in Colorado, it eventually warmed up again and got back up to the mid-80s (phew!). I’m not ready for it to be fall…

    • Snow scare? Woah! Way too soon! The vineyard is just for fun–he gets enough wine out of it to keep himself well-supplied and give a bunch away to friends.

  • So jealous of your dads backyard vineyard! Whereabouts is it located? As you know it’s been hot here. Like, miserably hot. So ready for Fall weather! We are heading to Santa Cruz on Thursday and really looking forward to it!

  • Hey if everything worked out as you’d hoped after the park, write that down to balance out the next time things don’t go as planned! đŸ™‚ I hate it when the kids get overhungry…that’s the worst behavior to deal w/!

  • I live in Ga. and it is starting to look a little fallish here but it is so hot still during the days. Highs in the 90’s, I am definitely ready for fall!

    • The trees are starting to turn here too, which is nice. I don’t mind enjoying summer for a little while longer, but I do love fall!

  • Cute pictures! Looks like you had fun weekend and enjoyed the awesome CA weather!
    I grew up in San Diego, but we recently moved to Texas and it has been very hot still. We did get a break later last week and it was awesome to have 60 degree weather, but I’m looking forward to cooler temps and for fall:)

  • Laura, where in Cali are you? I’m in LA and it is freakin’ hot these days. As in, I don’t even bother sleeping with a blanket on, kind of hot.

    Looks like you guys had an awesome weekend! I’d be scared too with not having snacks, but isn’t it nice when kids start being a bit more flexible with their outings? I’m so jealous of your adventures! Looks like a beautiful weekend.

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