What I Ate Wednesday

Joining the What I Ate Wednesday party with Peas & Crayons today. I’d like to do it more often, but it’s rare that I remember to take pictures of everything I ate. Also, my eats can be boring and repetitive but nonetheless, it’s a good way to see how I eat to stay fit and hopefully it gives you some ideas for your own healthy meals.


Yesterday’s breakfast was a little different than normal. We had a leftover-from-camping grilled veggie foil packet, so I heated that up on the stove, scrambled some eggs and served it on top of about half of a sliced and salted avocado. Then I topped it with some Cholula and enjoyed it with a side of coffee, of course (splash of whole milk and spoonful of sugar). This was delicious and kept me full straight through til lunch, which is unusual.

Eggs and Veggie breakfast with coffee



After dropping Reece off at preschool, I picked up coffee to bring to my friend with a two-week-old baby. I enjoyed a grande Americano with a half-packet of Sugar in the Raw. I wanted to eat up this little guy too, but I refrained. 🙂

newborn baby snuggles


For lunch I grabbed a couple of quick leftovers from the fridge. Low on veggies, high on tasty. I also drank a bottle of Clearly Kombucha
in Asian Pear.

Leftover pasta and half sandwich for lunch


For today’s front porch coffee date, I enjoyed a dark chocolate wafer cookie with my iced almond milk latte that I sweetened with a drizzle of maple syrup.

front porch coffee date with chocolate wafer and iced latte

The kids and I also munched on Snap Pea Crisps, which I didn’t snap a picture of.


The last meal of the day was kind of random, based on what I could defrost quickly (ground meat and sausage are great for this) and what veggies we had on hand. I made some bun-less (not cuz I don’t like carbs-obviously based on lunch-just because I don’t find them necessary…and we didn’t have any) organic beef burgers, seasoned with salt, pepper and sriracha. I topped mine with a mix of ketchup and sriracha.

For sides, I roasted up slices of delicata squash, seasoned with salt, pepper and maple syrup. What’s weird is that Doug and I remember loving this last year, but for some reason it’s not coming out quite the same this year. Not sure what’s different.

I also tossed together a quick salad that I would’ve never though of on my own had I not seen my neighbors do it first–celery, avocado and capers tossed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Doug’s a fan and he doesn’t even like celery!

no bun hamburgers with sriracha, celery salad and delicate squash
I seconds of the pickle!


I was completely full after dinner, but Doug has this habit of opening a bag of pretzels to munch on as we clean up, so I had some of those. I love the 365 brand ones that are so salty. They make me want to go back to my old ways of sucking the salt off and not eating the pretzel. Anyone else do that?? (Doug is going to think it’s so gross that I admitted that to you all, but whatever. 🙂 )

WholeFoods Pretzels


Dessert was a container of this new Greek Pastures Greek yogurt I sampled at Whole Foods the other day. It’s sweetened, but only has 11g of sugar, which is great compared to others that have 20+. I had the vanilla caramel for dessert, but I really love the peach ginger flavor. This was my last container and I’m looking forward to going back for more!
Greek Pastures Greek yogurt in vanilla caramel

What was your favorite thing you ate yesterday?

Do you suck the salt off pretzels and throw the pretzel itself away??

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