What I Ate Wednesday #4: Snacks for Lunch

The consensus from my last WIAW post is that you guys like them so I’ll continue with them a couple times a month. I get the appeal–one of the first blogs I ever read was SELF Magazine’s Eat Like Me, which chronicled everything an RD ate everyday. I’m not an RD and these posts are just for fun, so you can see how I eat regularly to stay fit and healthy. You’ll notice that I don’t follow any sort of diet and do my best to eat lots of produce with plenty of wiggle room for the things I enjoy that have little nutritional value.

Today started with toast and about half an avocado topped with a disappointing poached egg since I broke the yolk and cooked it.

Toast with Avocado and Poached Egg

When Emme saw the egg, she wanted it, so I poached another one, planning to give the one pictured to her. However, once the second one was cooked, she didn’t want eggs anymore, so I ended up eating both.

Not pictured is an almond milk latte with a teaspoon of sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This held me over pretty well, but after my workout, I snitched a few pieces of the kids’ Pirate’s Booty (actually, a new brand called Luke’s Organic, but same idea).

Luke's Organic Pirate's Booty

I also had a sample of chicken salad at Trader Joe’s and a beef stick I bought there because I couldn’t resist when I saw it. I needed to see if it tasted like a Slim Jim, which I used to love so much. It didn’t, but it was pretty good and all the ingredients checked out ok.

beef and pork stick from Trader Joe's

I wasn’t that hungry when the kids ate lunch, so I just had a handful of tortilla chips to finish up the last bit of Casa Sanchez salsa.

Sprouts organic white corn tortilla chips

And some olives while the kids were napping.

small bowl of olives

Later on I oddly was still not that hungry, but felt like I needed a little something, so I rolled up two slices of Boar’s Head low-sodium turkey cold cuts with havarti cheese, arugula and a few dashes of Cholula hot sauce.

turkey arugula harvarti and cholula rollups
This starts the pattern of not remembering to take a picture before I eat

When the kids woke up from their nap, I enjoyed an iced almond milk latte with Emme on the porch and 3/4 of an oil cookie for dipping. Emme had the other quarter of it with her milk…which I may have splashed a teeny bit of my coffee into. ๐Ÿ™‚

front porch coffee date with my girl

I’ve let her have a little sip of my lattes before and she always wants more even though I don’t let her, so I thought she’d like to have a little of her own “coffee.”

Emme drinking "coffee"

Later when the kids had a snack, I ate the four plantain chips I had given them as part of it, but they didn’t eat.

For dinner, we had simple leftover bbq chicken with a side of roasted asparagus, corn on the cob (nothing on it) and a few of Reece’s leftover spinach gnocchi from Terรบn. I forgot to take a pic until I had already eaten some. It was a really ugly picture, so here’s some corn instead.

Corn on the cob

After dinner, Doug took Reece to swim lessons and they swung by Pinkberry on the way home. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I had a child size original and strawberry topped with mochi, chocolate crunchy balls (can’t help it), strawberries and granola.

What are you eating today?

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