What is Probably the Lamest New Year’s Eve Ever

Let’s hope that 2014 is better than the last week of 2013 was. We’ve all been sick (again!!) over here, starting with Reece and a fever, right after he got over an ear infection. Not only has being sick kept us home, but the kids have picked up some annoying habits that are especially irritating when you’re in close quarters together 24/7.

Reece’s thing is not listening to what we say. He says “what?” after nearly everything, even if he’s asked us a question and waiting to hear the answer. We frequently respond to him with “What did I say?” and he often has the answer, it’s like it just took his brain too long to process and he said “what?” before he actually listened. I do this too, so I know where he gets it from, but it’s still annoying. Because it’s literally after every.thing.we.say. Ugh. Not to mention the extreme whininess lately. Double ugh.

Emme’s thing is making an irritating “aaaah!” shouting noise. I know she’s communicating. I know she doesn’t have words and only a few signs and so she “aaaah”s very loudly to tell us anything. That doesn’t make it any less irritating, though. Aaaah this aaaah that. I respond by telling her what she should say and signing it if I know how. For example, if she wants more pear and is just “aaaah”ing about it, I sign and say “more, please.” Or if she’s “aaaah”ing for me to pick her up, I sign and say “up.” The thing is, she knows how to sign more, eat and all done, but she likes to just “aaaah” instead it seems. So now, out of frustration, a lot of the time we’re saying “Emme, please stop! Emme, no!” which is not helpful.

I’m open to suggestions on dealing with either of these things. So far, newborn + 2.5-year-old and 13-month-old plus nearly 4-year-old have been the most difficult stages.

Back to New Years. First, I’ll set the stage with our level of exhaustion. The night before New Years, Reece woke up at 2am screaming that his belly hurt. I couldn’t get him to settle down, so Doug took him to the ER. After a whole bunch of tests and Reece acting completely normal once they got there, it was determined that he was totally fine. Not that I got any sleep until I heard word of that. Emme, of course, was up like normal before 6 that morning.

So we were a wee bit tired on New Year’s Eve. I actually stayed in my jammies all day and hopped back in bed for a nap around 8:30am, as soon as Doug was up. Fortunately, Doug and Reece were feeling up for running an errand, so they made a quick trip to Whole Foods for some crab and sparkling wine. (“I was hugging the crab, mom. It was my baby!” Reece told me enthusiastically when they got back home.)

boy eating artichokes
Little little artichoke eater

We enjoyed a good dinner of crab, artichokes and sourdough bread with the kids, shared some cute desserts from Whole Foods after they were in bed and then headed there ourselves just before 9 (although I did send a text out to a few East Coast friends a few minutes after that when I hadn’t fallen asleep yet).

champagne new year's eveDetermined to try and enjoy New Year’s Day even with all of us sick, we drove the hour or so to Monterey to enjoy the near 70 degree weather at the beach. It didn’t seem quite that warm there, but it was still a gorgeous day. The kids were still doing their annoying things (which, by the way, are amplified in the car) and Doug and I were drugged up on cold meds, but the ocean is healing and it was nice to just sit on the sand for bit, soaking it in.

New Year's Day Monterey, New Year's Day at the beach, january in northern california


beach new year's day, monterey new year's day, january in california

After some beach time, some park time (they have the most amazing park there), Doug walked Reece around the tide pools, checking out the hermit crabs and other creatures.

beach new year's day, monterey new year's day, january in california


beach new year's day, monterey new year's day, january in california, tide pools, california coastline


beach new year's day, monterey new year's day, january in california, california coastline

We timed our drive home well so that the kids were asleep halfway through and we could just transfer them to their bed when we got home, waking them just enough to get jammied up, a quick nurse for Emme and then into bed.

Even though it was a challenging New Year’s Day, we were better off having it be a challenging one at the beach than a challenging one stuck at home again. Here’s hoping 2014 gets better from here!

My resolutions: figure out how to stop getting sick all.the.time. Work on teaching my kids gratitude and generosity.

How was your New Year’s Eve? What did you do to celebrate?

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  • Well, you read about my New Year’s 😉 What is with this horrible cold going around?? I even lost my voice for 3 days (I’m sure Logan enjoyed not listening to me chatter all day). No advice on the “annoyances” :/ Hope your family gets well soon! Happy New Year!

    • Thanks! We’ve been sick for about a month now with just a few days of completely healthy here and there. Definitely over it.

      Your New Year’s Eve sounded way better than mine. Happy New Year!

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