What We Did Wednesday, aka My Kids are Freaking Cute

After posting the third picture on Instagram in a short timespan, I decided I better take my pics to the blog instead.

Since we went to the Y tonight for my second Pilates class (5 people again!) instead of in the morning, we had free time to play outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather. Our original plans to hang out with my mom changed unexpectedly, so I packed a quick picnic lunch and we headed to a park near the place Reece was having his hair cut later on. We didn’t have too much time, but it was fun to have a picnic and I promised we’d come back after his haircut. 

kid picnic siblings

I packed both cheese and PB & J sandwiches and both kids went for the cheese. They have a  salty tooth like their mama, I guess (with a sweet spot for chocolate). I loaded my cheese sandwich up with sliced radishes and cukes, sprinkled with salt and a hefty bit of fresh ground pepper. I might have eaten half of a PB&J too. 🙂

Love the cute faces Reece makes when he’s getting his haircut.

Reece haircut
That’s Amy at Los Gatos Beauty Bar. She’s been cutting Reece’s hair since he was a baby.

Sister waited very patiently.

baby girl hair salon

After Reece’s haircut, I wanted a coffee–because you can’t go to Los Gatos without buying coffee, so I let the kids walk down the street on their own instead of using the stroller. I love not being in a hurry and just letting them do their thing.

Siblings strolling in town

Kids Strolling downtown Los Gatos
Emme waving at everyone

kids sharing los gatos

Out of the many places to buy coffee in downtown Los Gatos, I chose Amour, the French patisserie because they serve Blue Bottle Coffee. A nonfat iced latte was a nice match for the weather and we headed back to the park for more playtime.

Reece playing at the park

park smiles

park chilling
This face

You can see I had Emme dressed really appropriately for park play…

Baby girl swing park Los Gatos

All of these good photo ops made me almost wish I had a good camera to take pictures with. I take everything on my phone and rarely use my real camera (point-and-shoot) anymore. At the same time, I don’t like the idea of having something else to lug around, so i’m good with my just my phone!

How did you enjoy your Wednesday?

Do you take another camera along or just use your phone?

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  • Interesting you mention the camera…I just told G that I want a “proper” camera for my birthday. I don’t use our point and shoot at all (iPhone is great for those shots), but I do want a nicer camera. We’re going to research a few and see what might work.

    Great photos of the day. It was a beautiful day in California to enjoy the outside.

    • Fun! Having the nice camera is one thing, learning how to use it properly and take good pictures is another. I’m sure there would be a learning curve before pictures actually came out any good.

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